April 2005

Editor: Mary Fisher

March Meeting

Thanks to everyone who came to our March meeting. We had a terrific turn out and Dangerous Dan did a wonderful job of entertaining us all! Stacey and Anne did a great job with the appetizers, as always. Elections were held that night and the new BOD members are as follows:

Charlie Mandeville: President
Sheila Parker: Vice President
Karen Lambruschi: Secretary
Mark Gilmore: Treasurer
Jamie and Beth Medlin: Membership Directors

"Conky Tonkin' In Key West"

It’s gonna be that time again before we know it! FYI, there are changes in the works. First, the registration fee has gone from 50.00 to 60.00. This is the first time PHIP has raised the registration fee since the inception of MOTM 14 years ago. Next year the fee will be raised to 75.00. Also, there will be a maximum of 3500 people allowed to register for MOTM this year. In years past it has been 3000. Last year people were actually turned down because they got their registrations in after the cut off of 3000. They’re not far away from 2000 now. If you want to go “Conky Tonkin’ in Key West” this year, get those registrations in now. www.phip.com

Rhonda Allen and Brian Stewart were married March 19th! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Stewart!

Drink of the Month : Leg Splitter

1 shot of Malibu Rum
1 shot of melon liqueur
Splash of sweet and sour mix
Shake over ice, strain in to a shot glass and serve.

Paramedics for Children

Rodger and Pam will be returning to the States, for their summer fundraisers, on May 10th.  They have had a busy winter with tsunami relief in Indonesia and their normal efforts in Central America.


Introducing Savanna Rose Smith

Erik and Jody Smith welcomed their daughter to the world on April 5th. Savanna’s proud Grandparents are Pat Viamonte and Don Boyle. The Sandlappers have a new ‘keet! Congratulations all!

April Birthdays

The following Sandlappers have birthdays in April! Growing Older but, not up!  Happy Birthday to all!

Teresa Watkins April 2nd

Savanna Rose Smith April  5th

Barbie Russ April  8th

Roz Morton April 12th

What’s Happening…

Sweet Hope Music Festival April 30th

Entertainment by The Oneppo Brothers, Jon Durham and The Forlorn Hope and others.

May MeetingMay 10th Chester, SC

Parrotstock June 9-12 in Myrtle Beach at the Ocean Dunes Resort. For more information see www.parrotstock.com

Parrotstock 2005

If you haven’t registered for Parrotstock, you will be sorry if you miss it this year! We have a great musical line up and a lot of really fun things planned! Thursday June 9th, Joe Bennett, Friday June 10th, The South Street Band followed by

Hurricane Alley.  Saturday June 12th, Our annual Saturday morning party with The Caribbean Cowboys, followed by a scavenger hunt and then Rodger Harrison, Erik Smith, Jerry Gontang, Jon Durham and his Band and the Caribbean Cowboys. We will have our Annual Balcony decorating contest and a logo design contest is underway now. The dates are June 9-12 and Parrotstock will be held at The Ocean Dunes Resort in Myrtle Beach again this year.  Please go to the web site at www.parrotstock.com to register. You really don’t want to miss it!

Come See me!

Some 20 plus Sandlappers enjoyed a beautiful Saturday afternoon and evening at out annual Come See Me tailgate party! The evening culminated in with a fantastic fireworks display. Thanks to Charlie and Nickie for everything they did to make the party happen!

Board Members 2004

Charlie Mandeville….President
Sheila Parker….Vice-President
Karen Lambruschi…..Secretary
Mark Gilmore…..Treasurer
Jamie and Beth Medlin…Membership
Bob Robinson…..Founder/Webmon
Mary Fisher......Newsletter Editor/Immediate Past President

For more information please see our web site at www.sandlapperphc.com