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BobRob… preparing to entertain

Christmas Party (click HERE for pictures)

    We held our 8th annual Christmas party at Tropical Escape this year. The Rumpunchaholics provided the entertainment. One of the highlights of the evening was BobRob’s rendition of “Merry Christmas from the Family”, a Robert Earl Keen classic. We collected about 32 toys to donate to the Children’s Attention home. Nickie played Santa and delivered them to Allison Love’s for us. Allison got them to their final destination. Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season!



Getting to know the phlock:

1)      Which member was a High School Beauty Queen and grew up on a 460 acre farm?

2)      Which member almost got run over in her own driveway?


   January Birthdays: 

  Growing older but not up! 

       Nickie George…6th

       Mark Griffith…8th

       Karen Gilmore…15th

       Rick Rutland…15th

       Jim Gay…16th

       Jennifer Alexander 16th

       Wendy Bass…19th

       Savannah Griffith…20th

       Sheila Griffith…26th

       Charlie Mandeville…27th

       Susan Coker… 27th

       Rodger Harrison…28th

       Kathy George… 28th 

       Luke Cameron… 29th

       Pam Cox… 30th

       Happy Birthday to all!

Membership renewals:

It’s that time again! Our club dues are “due” in January. You can download a membership form from the web site and send them in to the club PO box or give them to Mark Gilmore.

December baby pictures

I have received inquiries wanting to know who was in the baby pictures in the December Newsletter. They were Lou Lambruschi and Mary Fisher

December Adopt a Highway

We were unable to do our trash pick up

in December due to sleet and rain. We

did have one heck of a party instead

though. Those who showed up to help

with Adopt a highway were treated to

great food and entertainment provided

by Mark and Karen at their home.

Thanks Mark  and Karen…It was really

a lot of fun!

Getting to know the Phlock


1) Beth Medlin
2) Rosie Allen


Debbie, Chip and Marilyn hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.
Yeah right! New Year’s Eve…

 Adopt a Highway Coordinator needed!

I will be stepping down as coordinator for Adopt a Highway as of January 2006. The club really needs someone to take this on. It fulfills our requirement, with PHIP, for community service. It generally takes about 2 hours, three times a year. The first Saturday in March, September and December are the dates the SC DOT has set for Adopt a Highway.  It’s not a lot of trouble and can be very rewarding. I will help you get started and put you in touch with the correct person at the DOT. Please email me at mlfanalyst@aol.com. Thanks, Mary


They're just around the corner!

Most of the current BOD will not be running for re-election. We’re tired and think it’s time for some new blood. For those of you who have shown an interest in serving on the BOD…thank you! Nominations are due at the February meeting.  If you have questions about any of the Board positions, please feel free to contact any current board member. Elections will be held in March.

Recognize either of these  cute little girls?

Board of Directors:

President: Charlie Mandeville

Interim VP: Cheryl Howell

Secretary: Karen Lambruschi

Treasurer:  Mark Gilmore

Membership Chairpersons: Beth and Jamie Medlin

Immediate Past President and Newsletter Editor: Mary Fisher

Founder/Web Mon: Bob Robinson