September 2004
Editor, Mary Fisher

August Meeting

A great time was had by everyone who attended the meeting in August at Patriots. They had great drink specials with some imports for one dollar! Dangerous Dan did a great job entertaining us! Rosie and DeWayne racked up with the 50/50 drawing!


Pour me a Hurricane, before I go Insane! Hurricane party at Tropical Escape Cafe!

A parrothead will find any reason to have a party! And that we did when about 25 Sandlappers converged on Tropical Escape for a party to thumb our noses at Hurricane Charley.

Drink of the Month

Lemon Drop

One shot of quality Vodka chilled
One half of a slice of lemon dipped in sugar.
Drink the Vodka as a shot and immediately suck on the lemon….
tastes just like a lemon drop


Billy and Renee’ at Endless Carnival

Billy James Benefit Party

 We had a great turnout at The Summit Saturday night September 11th for the fundraiser for Billy, Renee and Eric. Thanks to everyone who came out…we raised 1810.75!  The next fundraiser will be at Tropical Escape on September 20th. We have some great music planned and lots of great raffle prizes! Come join the fun as Jon Durham and The Brangle Brothers entertain us!

Brian Pops the Question at Parrotstock… Rhonda said yes!

Knight's Stadium

Thanks to everyone who came out to help raise money for Billy and Renee’ on August 28th at Knight’s stadium.  Mark, Karen, Cheryl, Gene, Mary, Lori, Rhonda, Chrystal, DeWayne, Rosie, Jennifer, Roger, Pat and Dan. We made 511.00 thanks to your hard work!

Mark and Barbie at Flamingo’s after Adopt-A-Highway…Not quite sure what Mark is up to !

   Thanks to the following Sandlappers for spending their Saturday morning picking up trash on Gold Hill road! Charlie, Teresa, Cheryl, Barbie, Dangerous Dan, Mark, Karen, Lou L., Deb I., Don and Mary. We picked up 53 bags of trash and had a great time at Flamingo’s afterwards!

September Birthdays

The following Sandlappers have birthdays in September! Growing Older But Not Up! Happy Birthday to all!

Tammy Aull: September 7th

Mimi Medlin: September 10th

Chip Wilbanks: September 13th

Jacob Morton: September 16th

Mark Gilmore: September 24th

Mike Duda: September 26th

Karen Lambruschi: September 30th

What’s Happening…

Fundraiser for Billy and Renee

September 20th at Tropical Escape..7:00

Endless Carnival: 

October 2nd at the Field Trial Barn….it’s a pajama party! Please come join us for Eric Smith and The Rusty Gray Band!

What happens when you send four Sandlapper Men to pick up a hot tub? A Trip to Hooters…of course!

You see….Ron, Mark, Roger and DeWayne all went to pick up a hot tub for Billy.  Ron donated the hot tub to aid in Billy’s recovery. We were feeling so bad for them…they had to spend a Sunday afternoon working so hard! Mark explains below:

   “We got Billy’s hot tub and after much tugging, lifting and straining we got Roger off the table at Hooters on Sunday. You see the cute, young, 1st day on the job, waitress became convinced that it was Roger’s 21st birthday and had him on the table being sung to. We have NO IDEA where she got that concept, or why she thinks DeWayne’s last name is Wachovia! Needless to say, we all have back strains and pulled muscles (from trying to keep from falling out of our chairs and rolling on the floor during this escapade). Oh incidentally, there is now a new addition to the James’ pool area. It needs a bit of TLC, but will be a wonderful item to assist recovery. Thank you Ron!!!

Board Members

Mary Fisher: President and Newsletter Editor

Mark Gilmore: Vice-President

Rose Mary Allen: Secretary 

Cheryl Howell: Treasurer

Ron Wike: Membership Chair

Charlie Mandeville: Last  President

Bob Robinson: Founder and WebMon

FYI: The first 30 minutes of the BOD meetings are open to all members. Future Board Meetings TBA


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