May 2004


The Sandlapper Parrothead Club now has a sign on Gold Hill Road! WooHoo!
Thanks to everyone who came out and picked up trash on March 6th. We
picked up 77 bags of trash! Flamingo’s treated us to drink and food specials following the pick up and even played  Buffett CD’s while we were there!
Our next Adopt-A-Highway is September 4th.

(l to r) Cheryl Howell, Deb & Jim Sawicki

Chef Nickie George  cooks for the masses at the Come See Me
Tailgate Party in April

Come See Me!

Nickie did a great at the grill as well as making sure that all of our “stuff” was there for the party! Those k-bobs rocked! Thanks to Nickie, Cheryl and ever-
yone else who helped out with the party. Can’t wait to do it all again next year!

“License to Chill” Tour comes to the Carolinas
by Mary Fisher

I have to say I loved this show! I like that he has gotten somewhat back to basics! I can’t wait for the release of the CD due out this summer! Sandlappers raised 535.00 for Paramedics for Children in a Pre-concert parking lot party. Thanks to Jim and Deborah for providing the Tiki Hut and to Erik and Rodger for entertaining the crowd! Great job Everyone!

6th Annual Anniversary Party!  

The Rum Punch Bandits rocked  the club house at Beacon Knoll! They were great! We raised some money for Hospice of York county and had a great time doing it! Mark secured the location and did a lot of the leg work for this party. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed food or items for silent auction and raffles! And a special thanks to Jim and Buddy for roasting the Oysters! Happy Anniversary Sandlapper Parrothead Club!  

Sweet Hope Music Festival aka Stone Stock

Adventures in Chester! If you missed the party this year, you won’t want to miss it again! About 17  Sandlappers attended the event! We were treated to music by the Oneppo Brothers, Four on the Floor and others! By the time the lead singer of Four on The Floor finished his set, he was wearing nothing but a Cowboy hat. It was something to see! Following are a few other interesting moments at The Music Festival. We learned that driving through a crowd like that, after dark, in a golf cart with a flashing blue light is not a good idea! After 24 hours with no sleep, Billy has to have a nap! Rosie wrecked me on Dewayne’s mini bike and DeWayne checked on it and dusted it off before he checked on us! Luckily some of the nice members of the Hunt Club were there to check on us. By the way, Doug, thanks for picking me up out of the dirt! Na Na never loses her composure! Rosie didn’t learn to drive a mini bike but, she did leave me out in the rain and forget to come back and get me. We learned that you can’t patch jeans with duct tape! We learned that men named Earl don’t really like the song “Earl had to Die”! And that Brian can cook!

Backyard Bashes

Several members have offered to have socials at their houses this summer. Stay tuned for details!

Parrotstock 2k4

The deadline to register for Parrotstock has passed. If you register tonight however, we will honor the 40.00 registration fee and guarantee a T-Shirt,
Goody Bag and name badge. We now have 33 Sandlappers registered! Don’t
miss out on the fun with your fellow club members and Parrotheads nation-wide.

Yard Sale

We raised 288.00 at our yard sale this year. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped  with donations, pricing, loading or selling! Way to go!

Parrotstock Competition

A competition is being held among clubs involved in Parrotstock 2k4. The goal is
to have a club gather the most 50.00 sponsors. The club that wins will receive a huge trophy and all sponsors will be listed in a brochure to be placed in goody bags at Parrotstock. Come on Sandlappers, let’s win this competition. Details on the PS website.

Cheryl Howell and Mary Fisher during
Parrotstock 2003 in Charleston

May Birthdays

Renee (Na Na) James: May 3rd
Gene Hoelscher: May 9th
Thomas Medlin: May 12th
Eric (Jail Bait) James: May 16th
Billy James: May 24th

Coming Up

Next Meeting: June 8th at Stacey’s aka Curley’s in Rock Hill, 7:00 PM, Entertainment TBA

Parrotstock: June 10-13 Myrtle Beach SC. Ocean Dunes Resort

Visit our website at for all club information or stay tuned to the group list.

Sandlapper PHC Board Members

Mary Fisher: President
Mark Gilmore: Vice-President
Rosie Allen: Secretary
Cheryl Howell: Treasurer
Ron Wike: Membership Chairman
Charlie Mandeville: Immediate Past President
Bob Robinson: Founder