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    “Livin’ on Island Time”					                   November 2005		                 



Phlocking at T- Bones

Thanks to everyone who came to October Phlocking at T-Bones. The Rum Punch Bandits did a great job of entertaining the crowd! Everyone was dancing and having a great time! Mark and Karen won the 50/50 again! A reporter from The Rock Hill Herald was on hand interviewing members and taking notes. She brought a photographer with her who surely got some great pictures!



Who could this adorable little boy be?

Getting to know the Phlock…

1)      Which member was Homecoming Queen and also played on the Jr. Olympic National Basketball team?

2)      Which member grew up in Connecticut, has three undergraduate degrees and once played in a band called Moonpie?

3)     Which member is a Dentist in York?

4)     Which member is nick named…The Goat or Goatie?

      (Answers on back page)

8th Annual Endless Carnival

An estimated 125 people attended our  Endless Carnival party at The Field Trial Barn! Many came in costume, including members of The Rock a Fellas Band. Congratulations to Gene Hoelscher on his win in the costume contest! A few other costumes that stood out were Michael and Michelle Chase with the Farmer and the Cow costumes, Deb and Lou Iliano with the plug and socket costumes, Jim and Deborah Sawicki’s costumes (a fairy and a warrior), Pete and Barbie came as hippies with Pete wearing a wig, The Chester crowd came as a pajama party, Marilyn and Elvis showed up as did Mark Gilmore dressed as a biker chick and Charlie as God’s gift to Women! Those were just a few of the many great costumes worn to the party.  Dwight brought Mint Juleps to share and got the evening off to a great start! Jamie and Beth really out did themselves with ordering and preparing the Chicken and Oysters! It was all great and went fast! Jamie doubled as photographer. Jim and Deborah prepared Oyster Shooters and gave them away for a donation to the PHIN Foundation. Marilyn and Chip sold raffle tickets.  Mark and Charlie helped with setting up and decorating the barn as well as getting wood for the Bon fire and picking up much needed ice. Lou Lambruschi, Debi Ford, Lisa Winchester, Mark Beasly, Debbie and Mike Morton and Lou and Deb Iliano all worked the door. Charlie, Mark, Rosie, DeWayne, Billy, NaNa, Kimmie, Rhonda and Eric along with several other members worked hard to clean the place up after the party. Many of our members and guests brought side dishes to share. Thanks to everyone who helped make a great party!        

         Can you guess who this is?


 Getting to Know the Phlock


1)     Debbie Morton

2)     Chip Wilbanks

3)     Lewis Cauthen

4)  Rhonda Allen Stewart



Charlie and Gene at Endless Carnival

Sandlapper Parrothead Club

Board  of Directors: 2005

Charlie Mandeville…President

Sheila Parker…Vice-President

Karen Lambruschi…Secretary

Mark Gilmore…Treasurer

Jamie and Beth Medlin…Membership

Bob Robinson…Founder/Webmon

Mary Fisher…Newsletter Editor/ immediate past President

For more information please visit our

Web site at www.sandlapperphc.com          

What’s Happening?

November meeting…November 8th at Patriots in Chester… 7:00

Adopt a highway…December 3rd…Please meet at Knight’s Castle parking lot at 10:30.

Club Christmas Party…December 17th at Beacon Knoll Club House.


Growing Older but Not Up!

The following members have a Birthday in November…Happy Birthday to all!

Lewis Cauthen…2nd

Cheryl Howell…11th

Marilyn Wilbanks…11th

Nancy Rutland…15th

Rose Allen…22nd

Dan Anderson…28th


Barbie and Mark at Endless Carnival


December 3rd… Yes, it’s that time again. We need all of the help we can get! The club will provide beverages and we will have a social afterwards for those who would like to attend. Once again, please meet at Knight’s Castle parking lot at 10:30.


Who’s wearing these smiley faces?