February 2005 

Editor, Mary Fisher

January Meeting

Thanks to everyone who came to our January meeting. We had a great turn out and Jon Teague did a terrific job entertaining us all! Anne and Stacey treated us great, as always. The club donated 200.00 that evening to Paramedics for Children to help with their expenses while staging in Charlotte, before heading to Indonesia to help victims of the December 26th Tsunami disaster.

                    Rhonda and Brian

Rhonda Allen and Brian Stewart will be married March 19th, at 3:00 pm, at Hopewell ARP Church in Chester, SC. No invitations will be sent; friends and family are invited. Rhonda and Brian were engaged at Parrotstock in June of 2004.

Club Elections

Elections will be held at our meeting in March.


Teddi….isn’t he cute?

Drink of the Month - Dirty Martini

One shot of good vodka
A splash of olive juice
Shake well over ice and strain into a Martini glass
Garnish with olives
Great after a hard day at work!

February Birthdays

The following Sandlappers have birthdays in February! Growing Older but, not up!  Happy Birthday to all!

Andrew Wilbanks…February 6th
Deb Iliano….February 14th
Lou Iliano…February 17th
Brian Stewart….February 17th
DeWayne Allen…February 18th
Jody Smith….February 20th
Daryl Downen…February 24th

What’s Happening…

* Buffett Party... Saturday, February 17, 7PM, Jocks-n-Jills, Charlotte, Rum Punch Bandits, Buffett ticket giveaway
* Buffett Pre-concert Party, Tuesday, February 22, 7PM, Jillians Southend, Charlotte, Caribbean Cowboys & Erik Smith
* Buffett Pre-concert Party, Wednesday, February 23, 4PM, Jocks-n-Jills, Charlotte, Erik Smith & Jon Durham
Adopt A Highway
March 5th
* Next meeting
March 8th, Stacey's Bistro, Rock Hill, 7PM, Entertainment TBA
* Club Elections
March 8th 
* 7th Anniversary Party…. TBA (March)
Sweet Hope Music Festival… April 30th, Entertainment by The Oneppo Brothers, Jon Durham and The Forlorn Hope and others.
Parrotstock… June 9-12 in Myrtle Beach

Parrotstock 2005

Parrotstock 2k5 promises to be great! We have a great musical lineup…Thursday June 9th, Joe Bennett, Friday June 10th, The Rockafellas and The Caribbean Cowboys, Saturday June 12th, Our annual morning party with The Caribbean Cowboys, followed by a scavenger hunt and then Rodger Harrison, Erik Smith, Jerry Gontang, Jon Durham and his Band and The Peter Mayer Group!  We will have a balcony decorating contest again and a logo design contest is underway now. The dates are June 9-12 and Parrotstock will be held at The Ocean Dunes Resort in Myrtle Beach again this year.  Please go to the web site at www.parrotstock.com to register. You really don’t want to miss it!

Deborah and Jim with their snow man from winter 2004.

Board Members 2004

Mary Fisher….President
Mark Gilmore….Vice-President
Rose Allen…..Secretary
Cheryl Howell…..Treasurer
Ron Wike……Membership Chair
Bob Robinson…..Founder/WebDude
Mary Fisher…..Newsletter Editor

For more information please see our web site at www.sandlapperphc.com



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