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    “Livin’ on Island Time”		                March 2006








Charlie mixing drinks at one of the
hours hosted in his home.


Getting to know the phlock:

1)      Which member is a graduate of Kent State University?

2)     Which member is a Personnel Director in a Nursing Home?


New SPHC Officers:

All nominations for positions on the Sandlapper PHC Board of Directors 

were unopposed and no election will be necessary in March.

The new officers are:

Nickie George: President

Susan Coker: Vice President

Karen Lambruschi: Secretary

Lou and Deb Iliano: Treasurer

They will officially take office at the April

meeting. Thank you for offering your

services to the club for the coming year!

About the Outgoing Officers:

The following people worked very hard and served us well during the past year. Many hours were donated in meetings, planning and working toward a fun filled year in 2005: Here are just a few of the contributions made to the SPHC club by our outgoing Officers:

Charlie Mandeville has served the club for at least 4 years! He has put in a lot of hours and sweat to make our parties fun and do it on a budget. He offered his home for happy hours and meetings, stored club merchandise and adopt a highway materials. He cooked and mixed drinks for us on many occasions. Mark Gilmore has served the club at least 3 years. He has been there to help us out and lend a hand whenever we needed him. He has helped with storing club merchandise, kept it organzied and brought it to meetings and parties through the years. He and Karen have opened their home and hosted BOD meetings and parties on numerous occasions. Jamie and Beth Medlin organized the membership information, contacted new members, hosted happy hours at their home, ordered and picked up food for parties and cooked for many parties. Cheryl Howell has served on the BOD for many years. She has always helped in anyway she could. She has sold raffle tickets and, she too, has stored club merchandise and made sure it made it to every party or meeting we had. She has helped set up and cleanup for more parties than I can remember though the years. I hope you will join me in thanking them for their hard work and dedication. Mary



Thanks to everyone who helped at

our March Adopt A Highway. We

picked up 53 bags of trash in just over

an hour and then headed to Fishbone’s for adult libations!

 March Birthdays: 

 Growing older but not up!

 Happy Birthday to All!

   Bob Robinson…5th

    Patrick Wilbanks…15th

   Mike Morton….22nd

   Lou Lambruschi…24th

   Cindy Kekevian…27th


 Anniversary Party:

Our 8th Anniversary party will be

held on March 25th The Truck

Stop Preachers will be the entertainment

for the evening! If you have not seen

this band you won’t want to miss

them! They’re really excited about

the party and have promised a great show.

The party will be held at Beacon Knoll Club

House. Admission is 10.00. Please bring

your favorite dish to share. The club will

provide the main dish. Invite your friends…

It will be so much fun!


Getting to know the Phlock


1) Lou Iliano

2) Lisa Winchester


Deb Iliano and Kathy George, in Key West with
friends they made at Meeting of the minds.


February baby picture:

The picture in the February newsletter was of a young Peter Krenn. So cute!


Recognize this sweet little girl?


Buffett is coming to Charlotte!

It looks like we have the only Carolina concert for the Summer of 2006. Sunday June 4th, Jimmy Buffett will be in Charlotte at Verizon Amphitheatre. There will be a plentitude of pre-concert parties but, the official party will be held by the Parrothead Club of Charlotte. We’ll keep you up to date on details as we hear them. Tickets go on sale, to the public, on March 11th.


Board of Directors:

President: Charlie Mandeville

Interim VP: Cheryl Howell

Secretary: Karen Lambruschi

Treasurer:  Mark Gilmore

Membership Chairpersons: Beth and Jamie Medlin

Immediate Past President and

Newsletter Editor: Mary Fisher

Founder/Web Mon: Bob Robinson


For more club information, please visit our web site at: