May 2005

Mary Fisher, Editor

April Meeting

Thanks to everyone who came to our April meeting. We had a terrific turn out and David and Butch Oneppo did a wonderful job of entertaining us! Stacey and Anne did a great job with the appetizers, as always.


Nickie, Jamie and Mary at “Come See Me”.

May Birthdays

The following Sandlappers have birthdays in May! Growing Older but, not up!  Happy Birthday to all!

Renee’ James… 3rd

Gene Hoelscher… 9th

Thomas Medlin…..12th

Eric James….16th

Billy James…. 24th


What’s Happening…

June Meeting…. June 14th in Rock Hill

Parrotstock June 9-12 in Myrtle Beach at the Ocean Dunes Resort. For more information see

Sweet Hope Music Festival

We had a great turn out of Sandlappers at  Sweet Hope Hunt Club this year! The Allen/James Camp site was full as was Brother Dave’s. The music this year was wonderful! Entertainment included, Jon Durham and The Forelorn Hope, The Finish Line band, Rumors, The Plow Boys and The Oneppo Brothers Band! The Hunt club members made some really great BBQ and fixins and fed a crowd of over 150 people. No mini bike accidents this year for Rosie or me but, as is customary Four Wheelers did get stuck in the creek, people were up singing until the wee hours of the night and we all needed an extra day to recuperate!

Margaritaville moves to Sirius

Singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett plans to broadcast Radio Margaritaville on satellite service. Sirius Satellite Radio announced a deal Tuesday with singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett to launch Radio Margaritaville on the subscription-based service. Buffett, who launched Radio Margaritaville in 1998 as an Internet-only channel, will regularly broadcast for Sirius from a studio at his restaurant in Orlando, Fla. The channel will also broadcast from other Margaritaville Cafes in Key West, Fla.; New Orleans; Las Vegas; Jamaica; and Cancun, Mexico.

Drink of the Month

     Buttery Nipple

1 part Butterscotch Schnapps

1part Bailey’s Irish Cream

Serve over ice or chill and serve as a shot.


Parrotstock 2005

If you haven’t registered for Parrotstock, you will be sorry if you miss it this year! We have a great musical line up and a lot of really fun things planned! Thursday June 9th, Joe Bennett, Friday June 10th, The Rockafellas followed by Hurricane Alley.  Saturday June 12th, Our annual Saturday morning party with The Caribbean Cowboys, followed by a scavenger hunt and then Rodger Harrison, Erik Smith, Jerry Gontang, Jon Durham and his Band and the Caribbean Cowboys. We will have the

Annual Balcony decorating contest and a logo design contest is underway now. The dates are June 9-12 and Parrotstock will be held at The Ocean Dunes Resort in Myrtle Beach again this year. The Following Sandlappers are serving on the PS 2k5 Board of Directors: Cheryl Howell, Ron Wike, Roz Morton, Jay Alcombright, Deborah and Jim Sawicki and Mary Fisher. Come out and support the hard work your fellow club members have done to make this Southeastern Regional Parrothead Convention the best! Please go to the web site at to register. You really don’t want to miss it!


Peter Krenn and Dave parsons tour Mexico by Motorcyle.

Pete and Dave recently spent 11 days on a guided bike tour of Mexico. The stories Pete has to tell are really inspiring.

Deb and Teresa at “Come See Me”…
I wander what they’re talking about?

Sandlapper PHC “Happy Hours”

Thanks to Teresa Watkins and Jamie and Beth Medlin for Hosting two really great happy hours at their homes! Everyone seems to agree that these are so much fun and a really great way to get to know each other.

Dan Boyle

Please remember to keep Pat Viamonte and Dan Boyle in your thoughts and prayers as Dan had bypass surgery recently.


Board Members: 2005

Charlie Mandeville….President

Sheila Parker….Vice-President

Karen Lambruschi…..Secretary

Mark Gilmore…..Treasurer

Jamie and Beth Medlin…Membership

Bob Robinson…..Founder/Webmon

Mary Fisher.....Newsletter Editor/immediate past President