Sandlapper ParrotHead Telegraph
A Charter PHiP Club
Volume III, Number 1
April 2000

Captain's Message

Hi Sandlappers! Well, our 2nd Anniversary Party is in the history books and we set new records for money raised at a Sandlapper phunction. Thanks go out to Ryan Robertson, proprietor of the Summit Restaurant, for donating the cover charges collected at the door. Along with the cover charges, our raffle, silent auction and registration fees cleared over $1500.00. Now if we could just figure out what to do with all that cash…hmm…perhaps the Children's Attention Home could use a few things. We'll make that decision at the next Board Meeting on April 11th at the Tropical Escape Café. Our next event will be Thursday April 6th at the Come See Me Festival's Beach Bash in downtown Rock Hill. The SPHC has been signed on to as the official beer sellers for the event and we'll be serenaded that night by the Fabulous Tams, that wonderful beach music band that sang backup on Buffett's Flesh & Bone. For those who signed up to work the 1st shift of the evening, you'll be meeting at For What It's Worth on Main Street in Rock Hill at 4:30 PM to get organized for the event. 1st shift pholks will work from 5:00 PM until 6:45 PM while the 2nd shift pholks will work from 6:45 PM until 8:30 PM. DeeAnna Brooks is the coordinator for this project so if you'd like to volunteer give her a call. On Saturday April 15th, we'll be closing down the Come See Me Festival at their annual Tailgate Party in the parking lot of the Winthrop Coliseum. We won't be going all out in the decorating department this year as we seem to attract terrible plights when we do. Last year's mini tornado was enough of a sign to tell us we should just show up, promote the club to all who will listen and just have a good ol' time. Also, Larry Vaughn's Mercedes won't enter the parking lot if it has any inkling that we are doing something grandiose. Atlanta's Lakewood Amphitheater is our venue of choice this year and we have chartered a bus to take 50 of us to the big city for an evening with our phavorite Tropical Troubadour. There are currently no seats or tickets left for this trip, but if you would like to be put on a waiting list, call or e-mail me ASAP and let me know. If you would like to get tickets and drive to Atlanta on your own, call or e-mail me and I'll let you in on where you can obtain the hard-to-find tix. Area clubs are having lots of parties this spring, so kick back with your phavorite libation and enjoy the periodical that's not even phit phor billy goat consumption.

BobRob, Founder & Prez

"His world had gone from sailing ships to raking Mom's backyard. He never could adjust to land although he tried so hard. We both were growing older then and wiser with our years. That's when I came to understand the course his heart still steers"

Top 10 Reasons Jimmy Buffett Will Never Be President
Author unknown except for #'s 9, 7,4 & 3, written by BobRob

10. Can't use that "I didn't inhale" excuse.
9. Bubba attaching pontoons to Air Force One won't be very popular with the Secret Service.
8. No waterbed in the Lincoln bedroom.
7. Can't run country from Florida during the winter months.
6. Might have to confess to what really happened to Marvin Gardens.
5. Strong opposition from the mobile home contingency.
4. His many attempts to Americanize Cuba won't fly with Congress.
3. Fingers Taylor as Vice-President.
2. Too many statues in Washington for Delaney to talk to.
1. Two words: Hush Puppies

Atlanta Buffett Concert

The two Atlanta Buffett concerts sold out in record fashion…15 minutes! We on the other hand had our ace in the hole even before the tickets went on sale. We have 50 tickets to the Saturday July 15th show and a chartered bus to get us there. Unfortunately, though, the bus and tickets have all been spoken for. We'll be sending out notices as soon as our contact asks for money and I'll need everyone to send their $$$ in as soon as possible after that. If you'd like to go to the show, contact me ASAP and I'll let tell you who to call to get them. Act fast as they will probably sell out in no time.

Quote of the Month

"We were going to do a song by Jimmy Buffett, but he uncooly charges bands to do covers of his songs, so here's one of our own: Wasting Away in Daquiritaville." 
Bart Simpson in a recent episode of The Simpsons where he is all grown up and playing in a band.

Knight's Castle Update

Our spring/summer fundraising campaign at Knight's Castle is just around the corner. We'll be working the concession stands there for a minimum of 10 nights, 2 nights per month for the 5 month long season. We have several options for working more games and will work the extra games on an as-needed basis. The first game is Wednesday, April 12th against the Toledo Mud Hens. This is opening night for the Knights and we'll need to be there at 4PM to get our stand prepared for the evening's onslaught of fans. After that, we'll be working the April 29th game against the Richmond Braves. Thanks to those members who have signed up already to work these nights and if you haven't volunteered yet, well, it's never too late. Call Lewis Cauthen at 803-329-8609 and let him know you're interested or simply sign up at the next meeting at the Tropical Escape Café in Rock Hill on April 11th. Also, I'd like to thank our members who attended the Knight's Castle concession stand training on March 21st. The 3 hour session was grueling from all of the reports I've heard.

"The taxman's taken all my dough and left me in this stately home lazin' on a sunny afternoon. And I can't even sail my yacht. He's taken everything I've got. All I've got's this sunny afternoon"

Jerry Jeff Walker - A Look at the Man and his Fans
by Joe O'Connell, American Statesman

Put down those margaritas, Parrotheads, and get your overly tanned backsides out of town. Walker's Warriors are coming out to play, and they'd rather sip a longneck in Luckenbach than roast on the beach with the likes of you. As they do every year to honor their sacred scribe, rabid fans of Jerry Jeff Walker will descend on Central Texas this weekend to remind us that it was Jerry Jeff at the wheel when Jimmy Buffett first discovered that Florida beach. "Jerry Jeff was in his old Packard and drove Jimmy Buffett to Key West the first time," Victor Camozzi, a copywriter for GSD&M, said in defense of Jerry Jeff mania. "It's similar to the Parrothead phenomena, but on a smaller, Texafied scale." Not too small. Susan Walker, Jerry Jeff's wife and the backbone of his 15-year-old publishing company Tried and True Music, reminds us that the fan club list has grown to 60,000 names scattered across the globe. The annual birthday bash competes with regular tropical outings to Belize for fan club frenzy. "It's so fun to see these people who have nothing in common but Jerry Jeff's music bond," Susan Walker said. "It's a real release for them." They're lawyers, business people, mothers and sons, but they all have an affinity for the songwriter whose ditties veer from heartwarming to heart racing and back again. Some jumped on the Walker wagon in the '70s when redneck rock had Austin hippies rubbing shoulders with cowboys and the Jerry Jeff touchstone "Viva Terlingua" hit the record racks with a bang. Others are of a more recent vintage. Camozzi, 27, is somewhere in between. As a kid, he and his cousin listened to his aunt's records and discovered one of Walker's semi-naughty sing-alongs. They were hooked, and the two kids have grown into adult fans -- so much so that California resident Camozzi jumped at a job opportunity that would mean he could LIVE IN AUSTIN! "When you're a Jerry Jeff fan, it's like you're in on a secret," Camozzi said. "For a lot of fans, his songs and lyrics are your Bible for life. You can slap on a vinyl album and find the words to sustain you." Listen long enough and the music and the man become forever entwined in your life story. Take Jill Clement of Houston, who was accused of being the "Walker Stalker" by friends after seeing Jerry Jeff perform 34 times in '96 alone. She's also been on the Belize trip six times and attended the past five birthday bashes. "His lyrics touch my heart and speak to me," she explained. Like that night in Gruene Hall. Jerry Jeff and the Gonzo Compadres were jamming on stage. Jill and boyfriend Zach bobbed to the music. Suddenly the band paused. Zach asked Jill to climb the hill to marriage. She said yes. Jerry Jeff broke into the Guy Clark-penned "Coat from the Cold." Zach and Jill danced as one. For Chris Joyce, 45, Jerry Jeff is a pilgrimage back to his days at Boston College. The night in the mid 70's when the Boston Red Sox beat the Cincinnati Reds in the 6th game of the World Series to force a 7th game, Joyce chose instead to see Jerry Jeff open for Commander Cody at the Boston Garden. Next the college buddies wandered to Austin, had Charlie Dunn fashion them some manly footwear, saw David Allen Coe perform at the Armadillo World Headquarters, and got a Goat Roper Radio bumper sticker at KOKE-FM. Joyce and his college roommates have been coming back for the birthday bash for 13 years. His wife doesn't understand it, but she's accepted Jerry Jeff as part of the package deal. "It's generational now," said Joyce, a cable TV executive. "people's kids are now into Jerry Jeff. You can put your arms around it and be a part of it, as opposed to people who go to a 20,000 seat arena."

That would surely include Betty Carson of Nashville and her 26 year old son Kevin Shackelford. They liked Jerry Jeff so much they bought the company. Well, not quite, but they did buy land near Luckenbach and they plan on building a vacation home there. She first went to Luckenbach in the 70's when Kevin was barely out of diapers. She went back when Kevin toured with Todd Snider in 1996 and was thoroughly smitten with the holiest of Jerry Jeff concert venues. "Even though you have kids, you're not sure you're grown up yourself," Carson said. "The paradox about Jerry Jeff is he does the rowdy stuff, but also the reflective songs. I think that's true of all of us." "Jerry Jeff is also all about Austin," Susan reminds us. First he was instrumental in raising bucks through benefit concerts to keep the Paramount Theater afloat in leaner days and to renovate the State Theater next door in more recent times. Now the Tried & True Foundation has established a scholarship to send a deserving young musician to Sir Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts. That's the same school their 18 year old son Django attends when he's not dribbling down the court for the rough and tumble European Basketball Association. The long-range goal is to open a sister school in the US. "He's chosen to live here and give back to the community," Susan said of Jerry Jeff. And his fans will tell you that gift is all about the music and the moments. Like the time Camozzi stumbled upon a pickin' party in a room at the Driscill Hotel in the wee hours of one Jerry Jeff birthday celebration in the not-so-distant past. Less than a dozen folks watched and passed a bottle of Jim Beam around as Walker, Ramblin' Jack Elliott and Todd Snider filled the air with sweet music. Camozzi says it all comes down to one Jerry Jeff verse: "Let it roll…let the high times carry the low." Sounds like Jerry Jeff's fans are as rabid as Parrot Heads.

Jerry Jeff's Discography
1967 Circus Maximus, Vanguard, Vanguard CD
1968 Neverland Revisited (CM), Vanguard, Out of print
1968 Mr. Bojangles, Atco, Atco/Rhino CD
1969 Driftin' Way of Life, Vanguard, Vanguard CD
1970 Five Years Gone, Atco, Line CD (import only)
1970 Bein' Free, Atco,,Line CD (import only
1972 Jerry Jeff Walker, MCA, MCA cassette
1973 Viva Terlingua, MCA,,MCA CD
1974 Walker's Collectibles, MCA, Out of print
1975 Ridin' High, MCA, MCA CD
1976 It's a Good Night for Singing, MCA, Out of print
1977 A Man Must Carry On, MCA, MCA CD & cassette
1978 Contrary to Ordinary, MCA, Out of print
1978 Jerry Jeff (Red, White & Blue), Elektra/Asylum, Out of print
1979 Too Old To Change, Elektra/Asylum, Out of print
1980 The Best of Jerry Jeff Walker, MCA, MCA cassette
1981 Reunion, MCA, Out of print
1982 Cowjazz, MCA, Out of print
1986 Gypsy Songman (Casette), Tried & True Music, Tried & True Music
1987 Gypsy Songman (CD), T&TM/Ryko, T&TM/Ryko
1989 Live at Gruene Hall, T&TM/Ryko, T&TM/Ryko
1991 Navajo Rug, T&TM/Ryko, T&TM/Ryko
1991 Great Gonzos, MCA, MCA
1992 Hill Country Rain, T&TM/Ryko, T&TM/Ryko
1994 Viva Luckenbach, T&TM/Ryko, T&TM/Ryko
1994 Christmas Gonzo Style, T&TM/Ryko, T&TM/Ryko
1995 Night After Night, T&TM, T&TM
1996 Scamp, T&TM, T&TM
1998 Cowboy Boots & Bathing Suits, T&TM, T&TM
2000 Gypsy Songman: A Life In Song, T&TM, T&TM

"He was makin' his way home on a dark and stormy night when he heard a cry for help and saw a flashing light. When he reached the other boat and offered them a hand they said, 'Give us all your cargo' as they took a pirate's stand"

Emeril Lagasse's Seafood Gumbo
A recipe from Emeril's Cookbook Louisiana Real & Rustic

¾ c vegetable oil
¾ c flour
2 c chopped onions
1 c chopped roma tomatoes
1 c chopped bell peppers
1 c chopped celery
1 tbs salt
1 tbs cayenne pepper
5 bay leaves
8 c water
1 lb medium shrimp, peeled & deveined
1 lb lump crabmeat, picked over for shells and cartilage
2 doz oysters, shucked with their liquor
¼ c chopped green onions
¼ c chopped parsley
file powder

1. Make a roux by combining the oil & flour in a large cast-iron Dutch oven over medium heat. Stirring slowly and constantly for 20 - 25 minutes, make a dark brown roux.
2. Add the onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, celery, salt, cayenne pepper, and bay leaves. Cook, stirring occasionally, for about 10 minutes, or until very soft. Add the water and mix to blend with the roux. Simmer uncovered, stirring occasionally, for about 1 ½ hours.
3. Add the shrimp and crabmeat and cook for 15 minutes. Add the oysters, green onions and parsley and cook for 2 - 3 minutes or until the edges of the oysters curl.
4. Remove from heat and take out bay leaves.
5. Serve with the file powder at the table for guests to thicken the gumbo to their personal tastes.
6. Serve over white rice.

Palmetto PHC FinsFest

The Palmetto ParrotHead Club is having their FinsFest on Friday April 28th at the University House on Bluff Road across from Williams-Bryce Stadium in Columbia. The actual party starts at 8PM and goes until midnight, but I hear through the Coconut Telegraph that there will be a tailgate party outside before FinsFest gets cranked up. Margaritaville Orlando house band Gary and the Landsharks will be performing live and there will be a raffle for great Parrot Head prizes. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door and there will be beer and heavy horseydoovers. All proceeds will benefit the Palmetto PHC's Alzheimer's Foundation. To get tickets send a self-addressed stamped envelope and a check to:
Palmetto Parrot Head Club
PO Box 2172
Irmo, SC 29063

Pleasure Island PHC's Anniversary

The Pleasure Island Parrotheads are going to be celebrating their anniversary with a whole weekend of events and parties. On Friday, April 28th, there'll be a golf outing and on Saturday, the 29th they'll be embarking on a booze xcruise aboard the Cape Fear and heading back to dry land for live music at Cobb's Corner. For more info on the weekend get in touch with Dave or Laura Kendziora, club president, at

"Enduring echoes call out from his past. Time ain't for saving, no time's not for that. Chasing false echoes like a lost legionnaire. He waltzes on memories while he fades like a flare"

CocoNuggets from the CoB,O
from the Church of Buffett, Orthodox

· The latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine (#838, April 13th) has an advertisement from Wherehouse Music that lists April 25th as the release date for a new Buffett CD. Now don't go getting yer panties in a bunch as this is probably just another compilation of previuosly released material.

· Rumours are flying about Jimmy doing a far west tour in November that will include Hawaii and Australia.

· Seagram's wants to use Todd Snider's punk version of Margaritaville for Jimmy's new Margarita Mix. Todd had done that song several times live and while recording in Memphis, late and drunk one night, the Nervous Wrecks put it down on tape. Todd picked up the phone and played it for Jimmy at his house and he thought it was funny and never said much more about it. Come to find out Jimmy did remember and it was his idea to call Todd and use that version.

· Sam's Club is selling a special 3-pack of Buffett CDs: Feeding Frenzy, Changes in Latitudes Changes in Attitudes, and Son of Son of a Sailor.

· Little Flock Music is pleased to announce that Scott Kirby's "Too Damn Yankee" is now available and in stock! Call toll-free at 1-877 LIT-FLOK (1-877-548-3565) to order this and Scott's other titles, "Grand Bar Schemes" and "Walkin on Thin Ice."

· The April issue of Power & Motor Yacht Magazine has Jimmy's new yacht on the cover, and a photo spread inside (it's the featured boat of the issue). It is only identified as Buffett's brand new boat in the editorial page.

· The city of Biloxi, MS is using Jimmy's version of Biloxi as background music when you access their web site at

· Seagram is spending over $1 million to promote Margaritaville Tequila in magazine ads. Here's a sampling of where you can catch the ads: the May issue of Cosmopolitan on sale April 18th; the May 22nd issue of People Magazine on sale May 12th; the June issue of Playboy Magazine on sale May 2nd; the April 27th issue of Rolling Stone Magazine on sale April 7th; the May 22nd issue of Sports Illustrated on sale May 15th; and the May 8th issue of US Magazine on sale April 28th.

Peter Mayer will not be performing on any of the off-nights during Buffett's summer tour.

Bill "The Sauce Boss" Wharton, of "I Will Play for Gumbo" fame, is setting up his summer tour to coincide with Jimmy's summer tour so keep your ears open for his shows. If you are lucky enough to catch his act, you'll be treated to a bowl of gumbo at the end of the evening as prepares his delicacy while performing on stage.

"The sails are up and the bets are down. Let's lighten up this harbour town. By hook or crook or new design we're streakin' for that finish line"

Parrot Head Cruise 2001

Imagine spending 8 days and 7 nights aboard the newest and largest ship in Carnival Cruise Line's fleet with a couple hundred fun and crazy parrothead friends! The 3rd annual parrothead cruise presented by the Atlanta Parrothead Club is set and ready to embark on a week of phun and phrivolity. Join parrotheads and friends from coast to coast as they set sail on March 4th, 201 aboard the brand new Carnival Victory. The ship will depart from Miami to Playa del Carmen/Cozumel Mexico, Ocho Rios Jamaica and Grand Cayman Island. Here are the rates for the cruise: Inside Stateroom (Category 4A) $669, Outside Stateroom (Category 6A) $769, Balcony Stateroom (Category 8A) $949. 3rd and 4th passengers in the same state-room are only $329 per person. All prices are per person based on double occupancy and do not include airfare. All passengers are subject to port taxes totaling $143.75. They are accepting reservations now with a $100 per person deposit. Balcony rooms need to send in a $250 deposit. All deposits and advanced payments are fully refundable until December 15, 2000. For cruise reservations call 1-800-771-9300 and ask for Brent or Stella Jones. Tell them you are interested in the Atlanta Parrothead Cruise 2001. For more information and to see pictures from the previous two cruises, check out their web site at

SPHC's April Meeting

The Sandlappers will be meeting at the Tropical Escape Café on Tuesday April 11th at 7PM. The business meeting will convene at 6PM and non-board members are invited to attend this portion of the meeting to get a feel for how we operate. The Café is located on Anderson Road in Rock Hill and Worthington Station will be performing live for us. There'll be drink and food specials for everyone and, as usual, we'll have lots of cool parrotphernalia to give away.

"Down around Biloxi pretty girls are swimmin' in the sea. They all look sisters in the ocean. The boy will fill his pail with salty water. And the storms will blow from off towards New Orleans"

Calendar of Phlockings

April 7th Worthington Station at Rainbow Deli, UNCC, 5PM - 8PM
April 11th SPHC's monthly meeting at the Tropical Escape Café, Rock Hill, 7PM to 9PM with Worthington Station performing live
April 13th Jimmy does Dallas
April 14th Two Can Sam Band at the Tropical Escape Café
April 14th Caribbean Cowboys at Jillian's in Columbia, SC
April 14th Captain Cook & the Coconuts at Hemingways in Columbia, SC
April 15th Worthington Station, Rainbow Deli, Arboretum, Pineville, 10PM-1AM
April 15th Jimmy does Vegas
April 18th Jimmy does San Francisco
April 20th Jimmy does San Diego
April 22nd Jimmy does San Diego
April 25th Jimmy does Phoenix
April 25th Worthington Station at Tubby's on Cherry Rd. in Rock Hill, 7PM-10PM
April 26th Worthington Station and the Two Can Sam Band live at the Summit Restaurant's Wing Ding in Chester
April 27th Jimmy does Irvine…California that is
April 28th Pleasure Island PHC's Annual Spring Phlocking & Anniversary Party in Carolina Beach, NC
April 28th Palmetto PHC's FinsFest at the University House in Columbia, SC
April 28th Worthington Station, Rainbow Deli, Arboretum, Pineville, 10PM-1AM
May 5th Club Trini releases their Live CD
May 9th SPHC monthly meeting at the Summit Restaurant in Chester, 7PM
May 12th Two Can Sam Band at The Roadhouse in Rock Hill
June 2nd or 3rd Jimmy's Rehearsal Concert at the North Charleston Coliseum
June 8th & 10th Jimmy cranks up the summer tour with 2 shows in Camden, NJ
June 13th Jimmy does Detroit
June 15th & 17th Jimmy does Manassas, VA
June 20th Jimmy does Virginia Beach
June 22nd & 24th Jimmy does Pittsburgh
July 13th & 15th Jimmy does Atlanta
July 18th Jimmy does St. Louis
July 20th Jimmy does Indianapolis
July 22nd Jimmy does Milwaukee
July 22nd ParrotHeads of the Triad Party with Darryl Clark and Jim Morris
July 25th Jimmy does Columbus, OH
July 27th & 29th Jimmy does Chicago
August 17th & 19th Jimmy does Cincinnati
August 22nd Jimmy does Raleigh
August 24th & 26th Jimmy does Columbia, MD
August 29th Jimmy does Jones Beach, NY
Aug. 31st & Sept 2nd Jimmy does Boston