Sandlapper Parrothead Telegraph
Volume II, Number 6
August 1999
A Charter PHiP Club

"I chose my apparel, I wore a beer barrel and they rolled me to the very first row. I held a big sign that said 'Kiss me I'm a baker' and Monty I sure the dough"

Captain's Log

Well, the Carnival has been entered into the history books and all the cobwebs have been removed from my belfry, and the results are in. We broke all records for fundraising and attendance from last year's inaugural Carnival Party and we even managed to have a good time in the process. Check inside for all the details. Also inside you'll find out the results of our semi-annual yard sale; news on the Children's Attention Home; a profile on SPHC member Bill Sims; an article on Martin Guitars (Jimmy's guitar of choice); a new way of entering the Millennium Contest with a chance to win tickets and round trip airfare to LA for Jimmy's New Year's Eve Show; the debut of Jolly Mon on Long Island; a possible phlocking with the Pleasure Island Parrotheads of Wilmington, NC; and last, but not least, we're working on a party down at the Creek House in Murrell's Inlet, SC over the Labor Day weekend with A1A providing the background music. And of course, all the CocoNuggets you can eat for just $52.99. So kick back with your phavorite libation and enjoy the latest news that's not phit phor print.

"Show me yours & I'll show you mine. Take me back to days full of monkeyshines. Bouncin' on a bubble full of trouble in the summer sun. Keep your raft from the riverboat, fiction over fact always has my vote and wrinkles only go where the smiles have been"


· There's a new printing of Herman Wouk's Don't Stop The Carnival with a new forward from the author about the making of Buffett's musical. The new cover of the book is identical to the cover of Buffett's CD from 1998 of the same name.

· FINALLY!!! I've located a local retailer who carries Tommy Bahama shirts and accessories. If you're not familiar with the TB brand name, they have the greatest tropical shirts on the market. They can be found at The Men's Shop in downtown York, SC.

· The Today Show will feature a report on Parrotheads on Thursday, August 12th. The NBC crew was in Atlanta prior to Jimmy's 2 shows there and filmed several PH's as they went about a normal day. Footage will also cover the pre-concert parties at Lakewood.

· Jimmy surprised the diners at Margaritaville Orlando on August 3rd with an hour long performance.

· The August issue of Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine has an article about Le Select and their upcoming 50th anniversary party with Jimmy headlining the event on November 6th. The picture has Jimmy sitting in front of Le Select holding the cheeseburger that supposedly was the inspiration for the song. If anyone is interested in going to St. Bart's for the show, I should have information about accommodations & airfare soon.

· Jimmy's getting around as the day before the Orlando appearance, he showed up at Paul Simon's benefit for the Montauk Lighthouse on Long Island. Jimmy sang Margaritaville and was joined by Simon's wife Edie Brickell and Lyle Lovett. The benefit attracted around 6000 fans.

· Jimmy's recent single Pacing The Cage has been the number 30 song on the Radio & Records Magazine Adult Contemporary Chart for the past two weeks.

"We're stayin' in a Holiday In full of coneheads I guess they meet there once a year. They consume mass quantities of fiberglass & get drunk on cheap-ass beer"

Profile of Bill Sims

Bill Sims, Lancaster County Membership Director for the SPHC, works for the Department of Health in Rock Hill. His favorite Buffett album is A1A and his favorite Buffett tune is Tryin' To Reason With Hurricane Season. He was 1st turned on to Buffet in 1976 by his future brother-in-law. His hobbies are walking, working out, and learning to play guitar. His favorite Buffettesque memory involves riding around Key West looking for the Monroe County Glass & Mirror Company so he could have his picture taken beside one of their trucks (I guess you had to be there). Actually I know the story behind this one. The first truck Jimmy bought after moving to Key West, affectionately called God's Own Truck, was an ex-MCG&M truck with their logo on the driver's side door. I think that qualifies Bill as a true parrothead. In Bill's virtual 10 disc CD player you'll find: 1) White Sport Coat & A Pink Crustacean 2) Living & Dying In ¾ Time 3) A1A 4) Havana Daydreamin' 5) Changes In Lattitudes 6) Son Of A Son Of A Sailor 7) Somewhere Over China 8) Fruitcakes 9) John Prine's The Missing Years 10) Marshall Tucker Band.

A Senior Looks At 70
A Parroty by Dave Stracher

Meta, Metamucil,
I have heard your call
Digestive tract is outa whack
And I think I may fall
I'm at a crawl, I'm at a crawl.

Played a little bingo,
I've walked my share of malls,
Wear my depends both night and day
Just in case Ma Nature calls
Like water falls, like water falls.

Yes I am a senior,
My time is getting late.
I don't care that I've lost my hair
And I wear a dental plate.
Ain't life great, ain't life great.

I've been retired now for so many years,
I'm napped out & I'm crapped out
Hearin' aids in my ears.
But I've got to stop dozin'
Time to start mozin'
On down to see the doctor again
He's not my friend he's not my friend

Meta Metamucil
After all these years I've found
My fiber intake is at stake
And with you I am bound
Feel like I'm wound,
As I head up town
Feel like I'm wound
Hope I don't fall down

"Now on the day that John Wayne died I found myself on the continental divide. Tell me where do I go from here? Think I'll
ride into Leadville and have a few beers"

Caribbean Cruise

If you haven't made plans to attend the Millennium concert in LA on New Year's Eve, maybe this trip will satisfy your Travellin' Jones…

Dec. 31st New Year's Eve in Nawlins
Jan. 1st Day of Recovery
Jan. 2nd Board Carnival's Celebration
Jan. 3rd & 4th Phun Day At Sea
Jan. 5th Montego Bay, Jamaica
Jan. 6th Grand Cayman Island
Jan. 7th Playa Del Carmen & Cozumel
Jan. 8th Phun Day At Sea
Jan. 9th Back to New Orleans

The available cabins are a category 6 or higher and the cost of the cruise will be between $530.00 & $650.00 per person. New Year's in New Eve in New Orleans will be at the Days Inn at a cost of $69.00 per room per night and are available on a first-come-first-served basis. According to the hotel, you'll be within a train ride from Bourbon Street. If you are interested in booking this Parrothead Cruise, give Elizabeth Hackett a call at The Travel Company in Miami at 800-443-7447 and tell her you're interested in the Parrothead cruise. By the time you read this, I'll have the color brochures for you to check out. Thanks to Sheila Griffith of the Lowcountry Club in Charleston for her efforts on this trip.

Tropical Bird Refuge

The Pleasure Island Parrot Heads are heading our way in early September. They have adopted a parrot at the Tropical Bird Refuge in Kannapolis, NC and will be touring the facility while here. They have contacted us to see if we're interested in phlocking with them on Saturday, September 11th at a yet-to-be-determined locale. My response was "Let's do it!" Plans and location have not been decided yet, but we are looking at having the Saturday night phlocking here in Rock Hill. The web site for the Tropical Bird Refuge in Kannapolis can be accessed at .


On Tuesday, August 10th, Jimmy will release a compilation CD of songs called Calaloo. The 6 song collection will have 3 live songs, 2 of which are new. The new songs are Stories From My Favorite Books and Cairo, a song featured on this year's Beach House Tour, but sung by Jimmy and recorded with Club Trini at the Margaritaville Bar in New Orleans back in March. The other tunes on the CD are Cheeseburger In Paradise, Come Monday and a live version of Kinja.

"So they went walkin' on the beach, quarter moon within their reach, so they stole it and tucked it in their hearts"

Martin Guitars
By Stephane Fitch, Forbes Magazine

C.F. Martin & Co. of Nazareth, PA has been making solid wood guitars since 1833. The instruments, which can cost more than $10,000, have long been the best money can buy. Their rich tone and big sound have been championed by such 6-string greats as Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan & Jimmy Buffett. With over 42,000 guitars sold last year, Chris Martin IV, 44 year old great-great-great-grandson of the company's founder, is exploring a new niche in the $450 to $600 range. The luxury market will always be there, but Martin has never entered the "affordable" area. That changed last year with the introduction of the DXM model made from layered sheets of veneers covered with decal photographs of spruce and mahogany grain. The DXM accounted for just ½ of 1 percent of the 42,000 guitars Martin sold last year, but they expect that to increase tenfold this year. The introduction of the HD-18JB Jimmy Buffett Signature Model in 1998 was a huge success for the company. All hand-signed, individually-numbered guitars were sold before they ever shipped. The model derives its inspiration from Martin's famous Herringbone Dreadnought design.

Fingers Taylor Interview
From the Jimmy Buffett ListServe

Q. What music are you listening to these days?
A. Blues, jazz, swing, old R&B and western swing. My favorite is still Little Walter Jacobs.

Q. how many harmonicas do you use during a typical show?
A. About 6

Q. Does the song Fool Button tell the story of how you got into the music business?
A. No, it's more or less a story of how we behaved in the 70's.

Q. What is your favorite Buffett song to play & which of his songs do you think is the best written?
A. I guess I will always love to play A Pirate Looks At 40 and in my opinion Death Of An Unpopular Poet is the best song he's written.

Q. Can you share one of the highlights of your career?
A. Meeting Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf and my beautiful wife Amanda.

Q. How has your marriage to Amanda changed your life?
A. It has made me want to stay home.

Q.Do Coral Reefers have any say in a Jimmy Buffett concert setlist or in the arrangements of the songs?
A.Yes we do, and by trial and error we usually get it right by the 5th show of the season.

"But he left all of his royalties to Spooner his ol' hound. Growin old on steak and bacon in a doghouse ten feet round"

Knight's Castle Nights

Thanks to Lewis Cauthen, the SPHC has been given the opportunity to work a concession stand for three nights at Knight's Castle in Fort Mill. The three consecutive Wednesday nights will boost the the club's bank account by a minimum of $750 with a chance to clear well over $1000 if we turn out to be good beer hawkers. The dates are 8-18, 8-25 and 9-1. We need at least 10 members per night, so please call Lewis at 803-329-8609 and volunteer for a night or two.

Beach House Secret Page

It has been brought to my attention by Chris Wilson of the Church of Buffett, Orthodox web page, that there is a secret hidden page on Jimmy's Beach House On The Moon CD. I've yet to find it, so get busy and let me know if you locate it.

MOTM Deadline

The deadline to register for the 1999 Meeting of the Minds Parrot-head Convention in Key West Oct-ober 21st - 24th is September 15th. Registration is limited to 3,000 Parrotheads and there are already over 1,500 signed up, so hurry along now. Wouldn't want you to miss it. I still have raffle tickets too. Call me at 803-327-6009 if you want some.

Summer Ending Beach Bash

Just when you thought it was safe to start preparing for the Fall, along comes a weekend at the beach to give Summer a proper send-off. The Creek House in Murrell's Inlet, SC will be our stage and A1A, the consummate Jimmy Buffett tribute band will provide the background music. The Creek House is not your typical Murrell's Inlet Hog Trough Buffet. They actually prepare your meal after you order it and they were recently awarded the Best Shrimp & Grits by Duck's Unlimited. Need I say more? OK! The restaurant is located right on the inlet and we'll be partying within range of an essence of marsh mud that'll tickle your senses. Labor Day Weekend is the date (Sept. 3rd &4th) and we're working on a special rate at an American-owned motor lodge (this is where the A1A boys stay when they're in town) right across from the Creek House and should have that information soon. This is a great way to bid Summer adieu, so I hope to see everyone there.

"I've traveled all around the world, and there are places that still stand out to me. None can really quite compare to my island in the sea"

The Carnival Has Ended

The Endless Carnival is in the books and we have broken all records for fundraising in the short history of the SPHC. The final tally of monies raised is $1450.00 coming from raffle ticket sales, silent auction bids and merchandise sales. We presented a check to the Children's Attention Home for $850.00 which will be earmarked for their "therapeutic" whitewater rafting trip with the kids. Another $500 will be used to secure a lifetime membership for the SPHC in the Save The Manatee Program. After paying Two Can Sam our negotiated $200.00, we ended up only $100.00 in the red. Not bad if you ask me. The music was phenomenal in my opinion and thanks go out to Ollin Anders of Rock Hill, Chris Elmore of Huntersville, NC, Worthington Station of Charlotte and Two Can Sam of Chester for their outstanding efforts to keep us dancing. Also, thanks are extended to Cunningham Distributors for their donation of Corona Extra goodies and decorations. One of their inflatable sea planes nabbed over $50 in the silent auction! Also, the many wonderful pholks who kept bidding higher and higher and buying raffle tickets, you are to be commended as well. All in all, the party was well received by the Lighthouse Beach Café and they would like to have us back sometime… before they tear it down to make room for the new Buster Boyd Bridge. Maybe we can accommodate them soon. Thanks go out to them as well. The oysters, shrimp and jerk chicken wings were awesome.
The cold beer wasn't bad either.

Carnival Auction Results

Here are a few of the results from the silent auction at the Carnival:

· Sheila Parker of the Lowcountry Parrothead Club in Charleston walked away with the evening's top bid merchandise. She paid $200 for the autographed Captain Tony poster and $52 for the Beach House On The Moon poster.

· SPHC members DeWayne & Rose Allen walked away with a $20.50 Cheeseburger Hat, a $27 Captain Tony Autographed Conch Republic Flag, a $10.25 set of Caribbean Soul Stickers, the Corona Sea Plane, & a Caribbean Soul T-Shirt for $16.50.

· SPHC members Lewis Cauthen and Christy Winstead won several bids as well…they paid $41 for Pewter Parrothead Pins, $10 for a Margaritaville Charleston Sticker, $20 for a Caribbean Soul T-Shirt, and $15 for a Caribbean Cowboys auto-graphed Corona T-Shirt.

· Bill Hooper from Spartanburg paid $35 for a Jolly Roger Flag.

· Terry Camp of Spartanburg paid $27 for a set of Parrot Earrings
· Jimmy Caskey paid $21 for a Margaritaville Pirate's Bandana.

· And Bill Sims paid $12 for a dog-eared copy of Herman Wouk's Don't Stop The Carnival

Thanks to all for the great bids!

"Ia ora te natura, e mea arofa teie ao nei. Ia ora te natura, e mea arofa teie ao nei" "Nature lives, have pity of the earth. The bounty of the land is exhausted, but there is still abundance in the seas"

Calendar of Phlockings

August 10th SPHC's Monthly Phlocking at the Summit Restaurant, Chester
August 13th Two Can Sam Band at Jillian's, Columbia
August 18th Knight's Castle Concession Stand Workout, Fort Mill
August 19th & 21st Buffett in Cincinnati
August 20th Two Can Sam Band at The Summit restaurant, Chester
August 23rd Buffett in Columbus, OH
August 25th Knight's castle Concession Stand Workout, Fort Mill
August 26th & 28th Buffett in Baltimore
August 27th Two Can Sam Band at Tommy's bar, Richburg
August 28th Two Can Sam Band at Breakers Bar & Grill, Rock Hill
August 31st Buffett in Hartford, CT
September 1st Knight's castle Concession Stand Workout, Fort Mill
September 14th SPHC's Monthly Phlocking at O'Charley's, Rock Hill
September 24th Two Can Sam Band at Tropical Escape, Rock Hill
October 21st - 24th Meeting of the Minds Parrothead Convention, Key West
October 30th SPHC's Halloween Party at Bob & Sherry's, Details TBA
November 6th Buffett at Le Select on the Island of St. Bart's
December 4th SPHC's Christmas Party, Details TBA
December 31st Buffett at Universal Amphitheater in LA