Sandlapper Parrothead Telegraph
A Charter PHiP Club
Volume II, Number 11
February 2000

Captain's Log

Stardate February, 2000. The crew of the Starship Sandlapper has set the controls for the heart of the sun. Over the next couple of months their mission will take them to destinations of phun and phrivolity. There's the hotly anticipated release of Margaritaville Tequila and the S.S. Sandlapper will be there to do the neighborly thing and welcome the elixir to the area. Ben Arnold Distributors in Columbia will have some sort of involvement and the Tropical Escape Café will be our host. Also on the horizon is our next yard sale on Saturday February 19th in the parking lot at the corner of Oakland Avenue and Ebenezer Road across from the Oakland Baptist Church and next to our bank, the National Bank of York County. WHEW! That was a mouthful J Check inside for the rest of the story (Thanks Mr. Harvey). Then we'll be setting our phasers on STUN as we set sail for March 25th and our 2nd Anniversary Party. All the details are slowly coming together but I can tell everyone that our lineup of talent is set. Worthington Station, our own expatriate Erik Smith and Parrot Heads of the Triad member Darryl Clark will be on hand to take us all away to Margaritaville…..or Planet X, whichever you prefer. So as always, kick back and grab yourselves a cool one and tear in to the newsletter that's not even phit for bathroom consumption. See you all in a later time warp………


SPHC Yard Sale

The SPHC will have another yard sale on Saturday February 19th at the corner of Oakland Avenue and Ebenezer Road in Rock Hill. The sale will be held in the parking lot across the street from the Oakland Baptist Church. Billie Shaver ( ) will be allowing us to you use her home in Rock Hill as a drop-off point for merchandise. Hey, now's a good time to get rid of all those Christmas presents you don't like. Just drop Billie a note and set up a time and date for your drop-off. Hot yard sale items include children's clothes and shoes, pots and pans, cookbooks, jewelry, dishes and pocket-books/purses. If you'd like to volunteer for this event please contact BobRob at 327-6009.

March Elections

If you are interested in running for a Sandlapper PHC board position, by the time you read this it will be too late to get your nomination in by deadline (February 8th). Sorry about that, but you had plenty of warning. Our elections will be held, if necessary, during our next monthly meeting, March 14th, at the Tropical Escape Café. Positions to be elected are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Events Coordinator. Kristen Glenn is back to her old position as Election Director and I'd like to take this moment to thank her for providing this thankless service.

New Home - Tropical Escape

Starting March 14th, the Sandlapper PHC will move its monthly meetings to the Tropical Escape Café on Anderson Road in Rock Hill. The deal was struck on January 25th and has some perks that will benefit both parties. The Café has agreed to advertise our monthly meetings, give us consistent special prices on food and drinks, and to pay Worthington Station to entertain us. In return, we'll do our part to promote the Café by running ads in our newsletter (see back page) and inviting our out-of-town guests to utilize the Café for their feasting and imbibing habits. Please do your best to make the first couple of meetings. We need to make a good showing to the owner of the Café and let him know we're an organization (organized or unorganized) to be reckoned with. Show them a good turn out and it will be beneficial for the Sandlappers in the long run.

Peter Mayer Fan Club

Peter Mayer (Jimmy's lead guitarist) has his own fan club up and running. Joining the club will get you a PMFC membership badge on a lanyard, a membership card, a quarterly newsletter, discounted Romeo's Garage merchandise and admittance to "members only" gatherings. Send $20 for a single or $25 for a couple to PMFC, c/o Sue McCaughey, 925 Indian Springs Drive, Lancaster, PA, 17601, or visit Pete's web site at

"Yes, I drink a lot of whiskey, it gives me such a glow. It makes me quite immobile, but it lets my feelings show"

Manatee Q & A

West Indian Manatees are endangered animals. At present, it is estimated that less than 2,000 manatees are left in the US. More than 43% of all manatee mortalities since 1976 have been attributed to human-related factors, where cause of death could be determined. For your enjoyment and education, here is a Q & A provided by the Save The Manatee Club in Maitland, FL.

What's wrong with feeding manatees or giving them water? Feeding the manatees or giving them water can result in behavior modification. Because they have approached humans expecting food or water, some manatees have been harassed or fed dangerous or non-food items. The manatees' natural feeding patterns may be altered by encouraging them to "hang around," waiting for food or water. When hand-fed lettuce or water from a hose is no longer available, manatees may not know where to find or identify natural, reliable sources of food.

I see manatees when I'm in my boat. They are so cute I just want to pet them. Is that allowed? If manatees swim up to boats, it is likely they have been fed before and are expecting the same from you. But think about it…watercraft collisions are the number one cause of human-related manatee mortalities. Encouraging manatees to approach boats makes them prone to encounters with the boat propellers or entanglement in fish-ing gear.

I've heard that there is not enough natural sea grasses for the manatees to eat. What's the story behind that? Although seagrass beds are declining from pollution in many areas, there is more than enough vegetation to sustain a healthy manatee population in the wilds of Florida. They not only eat seagrasses, they also eat submerged, floating and emergent plants.

What should I do when I'm swimming or diving and I see a manatee? "Look but don't touch" is the best policy. You actually have the most to gain by viewing from a distance. If you approach a manatee, they will most likely swim away from you. By quietly observing manatees, you will get a rare opportunity to see the natural behaviour of this unique animal (any other action might be considered harassment). When diving, switch to snorkel gear and float on the surface of the water, as the sound of bubbles from SCUBA gear may cause manatees to leave the area. When swimming, slowly enter the water in the presence of manatees, avoiding excessive noises and splashing. Please don't ride, chase or harass the manatees in any way.

"Her lover left her stranded in Jamaica. Just right now she can't recall his name"

Pacing the Keys

This year's Meeting of the Minds Parrot Head Convention in Key West is all set and PHiP (Parrot Heads in Paradise) is ready to take your application. The theme for the convention is "Pacing the Keys" and the forecast is for bright colored clothes, funky hats and legions of leid loonies looming up and down Duval Street. The Casa Marina will be our host hotel this year and a number of functions will be held on their grounds. Duval Street will be active, but the main events on Saturday will be held on the hotel's beach, lawn and pool areas. Registration remains at the $50.00 level and you must be a member of a sanctioned Parrot Head club to attend. The official airlines for "Pacing the Keys" are American, Continental, USAirways and Delta. The official lineup of hotels are the Casa Marina ($150 - $179),the Wyndham Beach House ($150 - $179), the Sheraton ($135), the Holiday Inn La Concha ($147), the Best Western Hibiscus ($96), The Blue Marlin ($96), the Ocean Breeze ($75 & up) and the Pier House ($155). If you are planning to attend the convention this year, please make your reservations early as we will be in competition for rooms with the Cuban/ American Festival. Also, if you wish you can volunteer to help PHiP with various tasks such as Goody Bag Stuffing, Registration, Raffle Ticket Sales, Auction, Security or Decorations. It's all on the application, which you can get by accessing PHiP's web site at or by contacting Bob Rob at 803-327-6009. Oh yeah, the convention will be held November 2nd - 5th.

Georgie's Rum Cake

Well, she's probably rolling over in her grave with the publication of her recipe (sorry Mom), but this stuff is just too good to keep in a recipe box and not share it with the rest of the world. Here's what you'll need:

1 package yellow cake mix
1 small package vanilla pudding
4 eggs beaten
1 cup chopped walnuts
¾ cup light rum
¼ cup water
1 cup sugar
1 stick butter

Prepare the glaze by bringing to a boil the rum, water, sugar and butter. Boil 2 minutes.

Grease your cake pan. Put ¼ of your nuts, walnuts that is, into the bottom of the pan and pour the rest into the cake batter.

Follow the directions on the cake mix box, adding the box of pudding into the batter as well. Bake for 50 minutes at 325degrees. Now comes the good part. As soon as you bring it out of the oven, pour the rum mixture over the cake while it's still in the pan and let it stand for an hour. Don't smoke around this one 'cause it's liable to blow at a moment's notice. Serve it up and prepare to be bowled over with compliments and requests for more, more MORE!

"I've given my life for songs that I sing. Matter of fact I've given everything. The time has come to not make a sound. The time has come to lay my burdens down"

The CoB,O Corner

Beginning this month, the Sandlapper PH Telegraph will offer up the Gospel according to Chris Wilson. Chris is the administrator for the Church of Buffett, Orthodox, and we're gonna help him spread the word. Amen brother!

· Tentative dates for Jimmy's summer tour are in. They are May 23rd - June 24th and July 11th - September 4th.

· The latest issue of sailing magazine Latitudes & Attitudes has an article about St. Barts and the Buffett concert at Le Select.

· Chris received a second-hand account that Jimmy was in Key West recording recently. Hmm, can you say, "New Album?" I new you could.

· Fact or Fiction Department: Jimmy and James Taylor were overheard singing James' Mexico while standing in line at an Amerifirst Bank in West Palm Beach, FL last week.

· Jimmy's chat on Yahoo! Last month had the fourth highest attendance for the entire month. Jimmy placed ahead of Mariah Carey, the Not So Silent Night performance by various artists, and Michael Freeny, a social worker.

· According to USAToday, Jimmy donated $670 towards Hillary Clinton's New York Senate campaign fund. Oops! Sorry, no politics allowed in these hallowed pages.

Alan Jackson Quotable

On why he chose to sing Margaritaville as a duet with Jimmy, Jackson says, "I don't know. I think most people who are country fans grew up with Margaritaville, 'cause that was a huge song. Anybody that's played a club or ever been to one, they've heard that song or sung along with it, and more than that, I think, a lot of people are Jimmy Buffett fans, which I am. Somebody from the record label suggested that we might do a duet together, 'cause they thought we had some things in common. We both fly airplanes that land on the water and we both hang out down in the Bahamas, that kind of stuff. That's where that came from and that was the obvious song to do. I didn't think he'd do it. As far as I know, he's never done one with anybody (Jimmy sang a duet of Mac the Knife with Frank Sinatra a few years ago), so he agreed to do it. I was honored." On a side note, due to the hectic schedules of both performers, the two were never able to record the duet in the same studio. Jackson recorded his part in Nashville, while Buffett did his part in New York. The two have spoken several times over the phone, but have yet to meet in person. The name of Jackson's album is Under the Influence and is made up mostly of classic country songs from the likes of country legends Charley Pride, Gene Watson, Hank Williams, Jr. and George Jones.

"Don't know where I'm going, don't like where I've been. There may be no exit, but hell I'm goin' in"

Margaritaville Tequila Release

Mark Tuesday, February 22nd on your calendar as the Sandlapper PHC will be one of two South Carolina Parrot Head clubs chosen by Seagrams to host a Margaritaville Tequila pre-release party. Seagrams reps will be on hand with 6 bottles of the Mexican elixir for us to sample straight up or blended in the perfect margarita. The hooch won't hit the liquor store selves until Monday, March 6th, but we'll have the opportunity to be some of the first to try it. Big plans are being drawn up around this event, so be sure to be there.

SPHC's 2nd Anniversary Party

There's not a whole lot to report yet on this party. We're still in negotiations with several locations. The musical talent is set: Worthington Station, Erik Smith and Darryl Clark will be our musical guests. There will be a charity auction as we've done in the past and we'll also have some Parrot Head games for all to enjoy. Keep your eyes and ears open for announcements as we should have this thing wrapped up by mid-February.

Knight's Castle

Our success as concession stand workers at Knight's Castle last summer got us to thinkin' "Well hell, that was the easiest we ever made for the club." So we're going back for more. This year, we'll be working two nights a month at the AAA baseball stadium, one week night and one weekend night. Stay tuned for the schedule.

Club Trini Update

Club Trini, that venerable group of Coral Reefers, will be releasing their first live album in March. With Mike Utley and Robert Greenidge at the helm, CT recorded this disc at the Margaritaville Café in New Orleans last year. The lineup of songs includes three songs sung by Jimmy himself. Here's the setlist: Viajero (Mike Utley), Club Trini Back in Town (Robert Greenidge), Soltar (Mike Utley), Storyville Parade (Mike Utley), Ya Ya Yumbo (Mike Utley), Paradise Garden (Robert Greenidge) Party Time (Robert Greenidge), African Friend, the Instrumental (Jimmy Buffett), Shango (Mike Utley), Pan Classique in B Minor - Mad Music (Robert Greenidge), Cairo (Johnny Candosa, Jimmy Buffett Lead Vocal), Come On In (Jimmy Buffett, Ralph McDonald & Bill Salters, with Jimmy Buffett on Lead Vocal), Sweet Heat (Mike Utley), and No Woman, No Cry (Vince Ford, with Jimmy Buffett on Lead Vocal).

Playground Equipment

The playground equipment for the Children's Attention Home should be in our hands by the mid-February. We are going through Home Depot to get the new set. After we acquire this thing we're going to need members to volunteer a Saturday morning/afternoon to put this thing together. We may need a pickup truck or three to help transport the set. So to volunteer your time, truck, or both, give Mark Sebastian a call @ 324-0559 and get involved. Hot Damn that's a good feeling.

"I like mine with lettuce and tomato, Lea & Perrins Wooster and a grilled portobello, big kaiser bun and some extra sharp cheese, well good gawdamighty it brings me to my knees…"

Cool Computer Game

Wanna get shot at by Jamaicans while cruising in your Grumman Goose? Wanna fly the Caribbean just like Bubba does? Then go to the following web site and download this program called Make it to Jamaica. The address is:

Koko Loco
When Koko Loco took the stage at the Pier House in Key West during last year's Meeting of the Minds, a new star shone bright in the tropical night. New to most right-coasters, but big on the left coast, the San Diego band shook the Keys that night and left a lasting mark in the minds of those that were lucky to be there. With a driving wind pelting rhythm guitarist Jerry Gontag's locks toward mainland Florida, and Jackson "BubbaFreak" Quigley preparing to storm the stage for his rendition of Please Take Your Drunken 15 Year Old Girlfriend Home, the KokoNutz were having a blast with their home town band taking the keys by storm. Bass player Shaaron brought down the house with her goosebump-raising cover of Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit. All in all, if you ever get the chance to catch these guys and gal live, don't pass it up. Their new CD, Just a Bunch of Nice Musicians Having a Real Fun Time, has seven original tunes on it. We'll be getting a couple of copies to auction off at our 2nd Anniversary Party. To check out their other releases, visit their web site at

?Who Are We?

The Sandlapper Parrothead Club is a non-profit community service organization for those people interested in:
· The tropical spirit of the music of Jimmy Buffett
· Bettering our community
· Embracing our environment
If interested, please call our information hotline and leave us with all your vital stats. That toll free number is

"Tomorrow's right around the corner. I'll get there somehow. But I'm stuck in the meantime and I love the now"

February 19th SPHC Yard Sale, Oakland Baptist Church Parking Lot, corner of Oakland Avenue and Ebenezer Road in Rock Hill at 6:30 AM
February 21st or22nd Margaritaville Tequila Pre-Release Party, Sponsored by Seagrams Tropical Escape Café, Rock Hill
March 6th Margaritaville Tequila on your store shelves
March 14th SPHC's Monthly Meeting, Tropical Escape Café, Rock Hill, 7PM
March 14th SPHC Election Day
March 25th SPHC's 2nd Anniversary Party
April 6th Come-See-Me Beer Trucks, Downtown Rock Hill (We'll be pouring)
April 11th SPHC's Monthly Meeting, Tropical Escape Café, Rock Hill, 7PM
April 13th Jimmy Plays Dallas
April 15th Jimmy Plays Las Vegas
April 18th Jimmy Plays San Francisco
April 20th & 22nd Jimmy Plays San Diego
April 25th Jimmy Plays Phoenix
April 27th & 29th Jimmy Plays Irvine
May 9th SPHC's Monthly Meeting, The Summit Restaurant, Chester, 7PM