Sandlapper ParrotHead Telegraph
Volume II, Number 5
July 1999
A Charter PHiP Club

"Most Sandlappers go along cheerily with this explosion of ParrotHead madness. To them it seems a new, harmless and apparently Endless Carnival"

It's Carnival Time!

The Sandlapper ParrotHead Club's 2nd Annual Endless Carnival Party is just around the corner and this year's event promises to be the best yet. Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 31st as we set sail for the Lighthouse Beach Café in Lake Wylie, SC.

Other features in this month's issue include our upcoming yard sale, an article on Jimmy's ocean front shanty in Palm Beach, a profile of Coral Reefer Saxophonist Amy Lee, The Millennium Concert at the Universal Amphitheater in LA, Jimmy & Jane's contributions to the Group For The South Fork, and much more. So kick back with your favorite libation and enjoy the latest news that's not phit phor print.

"I see a little more of me every day, I catch little more mustache turnin' grey. Your mother's still the only other woman for me. Little Miss Magic, whatcha gonna be, Little Miss Magic just can't wait to see"

Group For The South Fork

On Saturday June 19th, Jimmy & Jane Buffett attended a benefit for the Group For The South Fork, a local environmental watchdog organization, at the Wolffer Estate in Sagaponack, NY. The guest of honor was Robert Kennedy, Jr. The $250 a plate event was attended by 650 people and raised over $1.5 million for the group. Jimmy and Jane played a key role in the gathering: Jane served as one of the benefit's committee members and Jimmy got involved when he offered a seaplane ride in the Grumman Goose for six passengers over the waters of the Peconic Bay. The plane ride fetched $20,000! Hey Jimmy, come on down to Lake Wylie on July 31st and help us raise a little dough for the Children's Attention Home.

Music For Mother Ocean III

The LA Times has reported that Bubba has come on board for the 3rd CD in the Music For Mother Ocean series. Sales from these CD's benefit the Surfrider Foundation's Clean Water campaign. Buffett recorded a live version of Frankie Ford's classic Sea Cruise that's being added just in time for its August 10th release.

Where's The Millennium Party?

Why it's at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles on New Years Eve of course. Yes the gypsies have the palace and the party of the century begins with dinner, dancing and drinking on the mythical island of Margaritaville. There'll be a tropical paradise for you to schmooze under the stars and feast on a non-stop Caribbean buffet. This once-in-a-thousand year celebration promises to be a memorable one. Computer failure, power outages, social breakdown, widespread panic and destruction…you may as well go out with a bang. Be there when the sky falls at midnight. The dance floors open with The Fredy Omar Latin Dance Band. Then Jimmy and the Coral Reefers will sing you into the next century followed by the red hot R&B of New York's Stingers who will play 'til dawn.

That's how the advertisement read. Tickets went on sale June 26th and the $500 tickets were gone in a flash. As of June 30th, you could still get tickets as close as the 5th row. Of course, with all Ticketmaster charges included, 2 tix in that area would run you over $3,100 smackeroos. Can you say "Pay-Per-View?" I knew you could.

"Down around Biloxi, pretty girls are dancin' in the sea. They all look like sisters in the ocean. The boy will fill his pail with salty water. And the storms will blow from off toward New Orleans"

Coral Reefer Amy Lee

Amy Lee, saxophonist for Jimmy's Coral Reefer Band, was born in North Adams, MA. Ever since she was three, she wanted to perform artistically. When she was in the 5th grade, the public school system offered children to select a band instrument and learn it for free. She chose the saxophone and wound up loving it and living it. With a music scholarship in hand, she attended the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Fl.

In 1991, while rehearsing for the Diversity for Jazz Fest, Charles Neville (of Neville Brothers fame) told her Jimmy Buffett was going to be playing that Wednesday night at the Café Brasil. Charles had been telling Jimmy about her and he asked her to bring her sax with her that night. After checking the lineup for the Café in the newspaper and seeing only Freddie & The Fishsticks for that Wednesday night, she was skeptical. She met with Charles and they entered they crowded bar and made their way to the side of the stage. Charles caught Jimmy's eye and he motioned for Amy to get on stage. When the evening was over Jimmy asked Amy to join the CRB.

Jimmy's Palm Beach Estate
by Charles Varkonyi, Home & Garden

Jimmy Buffett's oceanfront mansion is not the home of someone living on spongecake. This uptown side of his personal Margaritaville, designed in 1925 by Marion Symms-Wyeth, cost the singer $4.4 million in 1994. And that was before 2 years of renovations…tearing down walls, adding several feet to the upstairs ceiling and creating a state-of-the-art kitchen. When the Buffett's are in Palm Beach toys are scattered wherever the children feel like playing, says Mary Lee Harper, the interior designer who spent 18 months renovating and decorating the 10,863 square foot home. The property also contains a 3 bedroom servants quarters and a cottage. Jimmy's only request in the decorating was that he be able to see the ocean fom his study and their bedroom. The study is definitely a man's room with a trestle table desk and beamed ceiling made of milled cypress. Two leather steamship chairs sit in the middle of the room. The leather is cracked and the stuffing exposed, but he insists on keeping them around for sentimental reasons. Perhaps Buffett has finally found his lost shaker of salt.

"When I pay my bills gonna leave these Tennessee hills and take my lady to the sea. Cause where we both come from, that's where we both belong, think I'll go back to the Keys"

We're Lancaster Bound

Set your phazers on stun and your Palm Pilots for Tuesday, July 13th as the SPHC is having their first monthly phlocking in Lancaster. The bar in the Days Inn at the junction of Hwy 9 By-pass and Hwy. 521 will be our host with the most as we do our best to gather up Lancaster County ParrotHeads and introduce them to the Sandlapper way. Worthington Station will be providing the Marvin Gardens jams for us and their will be drink and food specials for everyone. The meeting starts at 7:00 PM and we'll party 'til the last Parrot phlies the coop, so come on out and help us welcome the phine pholks of Lancaster to the phlock.

SPHC Merchandise

Ball Cap (Navy or Khaki) $12.00
Tee Shirts & Tank Tops $15.00
Club Can Huggers $4.00
Club Lanyards $4.00

To view items, check out our merchandise page on the web site
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Sandlapper ParrotHead Club,
PO Box 37570
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· All of the July concerts will be broadcast on Margaritaville Radio at Check the Calendar on the last page for the dates.

· Pack your bags for the Caribbean as Jimmy has scheduled a concert at Le Select on the island of St. Bart's. The November 6th concert is to commemorate the bar's 50th anniversary.

· P-Head Films will soon be releasing their Meeting of the Minds '98 video. To get a preview, go to

· Tom Corcoran, Jimmy's longtime photographer, has released the latest in his Key West Mystery Novel series. Gumbo Limbo is on your bookstore shelves now.

· Songs You Know By Heart is number one on the Billboard Pop Charts. The greatest hits compilation has been on the charts for 435 weeks with over five million copies sold.

"I'm gonna show you what my love can do, out on the ocean all alone with you. We'll find a desert island on an ancient chart. Take me from the knees of my heart"