Sandlapper ParrotHead Telegraph
Volume III, Number 3
June 2000
A Charter PHiP Club

Captain's Log

Let the countdown begin! July 15th is just around the corner and I'm sure everyone is anxiously awaiting the Sandlapper's Magic Bus trip to Atlanta to see Jimmy at the Lakewood Amphitheater. We have signed the contract with Lancaster Tours and mailed them our deposit. Check the article inside for more details concerning the trip. I reckon it's old news now, unless you've recently been holed up on a deserted tropical island, but Fingers Taylor and Mac MacAnally have left the Coral Reefer Band. Hmm, Jimmy without Fingers…I still can't get that image to come into focus. Sort of like a margarita without the tequila; or a Corona without the lime; or stone crab claws without drawn garlic butter; or manatees without their ever-present smiles. Or…or…sorry for the digression, but it just ain't right! Hearing A Pirate Looks At 40 without Fingers wailing away would be like Paul without John; or ZZ without Top; or BB without Lucille. Hot damn there I go again. Apparently Jimmy will be using guest harpoonists throughout the concert season as he has already hired Clint Black for five shows this summer. Could John Popper or Scott Nickerson or Neil Young be far behind? Anyway, inside you'll find the scoop on the Fingers debacle, including an exclusive interview with him, ParrotHead vanity license plate ideas, Jimmy's foray into the doughnut business, an article on the Southern Cross and much more, so kick back with your favorite libation and don't forget to line the canary cage when you're through with this rag.

El Presidente/El Founderama

"Stompin' on the tables, singin' those old bar room chants, you know this Mississippi cracker just a keeps gettin' blacker, and some white people can dance" Greg "Fingers" Taylor

Fingers & Mac Quit The CRB

Citing discontent with new rules set forth by Jimmy Buffett, Greg "Fingers" Taylor and Mac MacAnally have quit the Coral Reefer Band. And you may ask yourself, "Self!?! What are these new rules?" Well, apparently Jimmy is no longer going to foot the bill for the families of the Coral Reefers to travel with their spouses during the concert season. They will not be allowed to hang out back stage during the shows and they must sit out front with the rest of the crowd and use the same restrooms we use during the shows. Greg and Amanda have 2 children under 3 years of age so this would not be a comfortable situation for them. Also mentioned was the lack of decent insurance and retirement programs. With Mac and Fingers out of the scene, it looks as though their next moves will be in solo efforts. Fingers will accompany Mac on Mac's new CD, due out this fall, and should begin his own solo project soon. Meanwhile, Greg will be playing with Living Soul & the Pearl Divers up in Michigan ( he accompanies them on their latest CD as well) and will be playing gigs in and around the area. There's talk amongst the PHiP Club Leaders that we will be presenting Greg with a pimento of our appreciation. More details will follow soon on that end. I will be putting together a card from all of the Sandlappers and would like each of our members to sign it before we send it to him so your pen ready at the next meeting.

Bubba Buys Into Krispy Kreme
PR Newswire Report

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. has entered into a joint venture with Jimmy Buffett and his company, Margaritaville Holdings, to develop the market in Palm Beach County, Florida. The joint venture will be called KreMaritta. Margaritaville Holdings operates four popular Margaritaville restaurants and stores in Key West and Orlando, FL; Charleston, SC; and New Orleans, LA.

Live on the Lake Party

May 20th will go down in the annals of Sandlapper histoire as one helluva party! Anchored off of Little Allison on Lake Wylie in Mike Wylie's (purportedly no relation to the aforementioned body of water) house boat and surrounded by 30+/- other boats, we got down to the sounds of Darryl Clark (Triad PHC) and Kevin Loop (Worthington Station). Braving a spring heat wave like none we've since a few days prior, the boys slammed out our Buffett favorites and helped us raise over $160.00 for the Children's Attention Home. We even saved a boat from sinking to the deep, dark depths of the rocky loch. A good time was had by all and it looks as though we'll be doing it again towards the end of summer. A special thanks to the Commodore Yacht Club for their donation to the Home and to Mike Wylie for hosting us on his wonderful floating abode. Hey Mike, that cold hot tub was just what the good doctor ordered.

"I know that this may sound funny, but money don't mean nothin' to me. I won't make my music for money, no, I'm gonna make my music for me"

ParrotHead Vanity Plates

Ever thought of getting your very personalized license plate with a Parrot Head theme? The following were thought of with South Carolina's 7 character maximum in mind, so if you live in a state that allows more, bless you my child. In no particular order, here are some ideas to consider:




























Next Monthly Phlocking

The SPHC will be heading back to the Tropical Escape Café for our June phlocking. The date is Tuesday, June 13th, and Worthington Station will be there to rock our worlds. The business meeting will convene at the usual 6PM while the regular phlocking will crank up at 7PM. There'll be food and drink specials for everyone so come on out and sign the Fingers Taylor Appreciation Card and have a blast with us. Oh yeah, we might even have a few things to give away or auction off. Ya never know what kind of stuff we'll have.

The Southern Cross
by Damond Benningfield

Many sky watchers are familiar with the northern cross, the brightest stars in the constellation Cygnus, the swan. The cross rises in late evening, and around midnight it's low in the eastern sky, parallel to the horizon. Look for its brightest star, Deneb, immersed in the faint glow of the Milky Way. But few American sky watchers have seen the SOUTHERN cross. It's so far south that it's never visible for most of us in the United States. For a select handful, though, the cross stands straight up from the southern horizon in late evening right now. Because it doesn't have a bright central star, it looks like a small kite. The southern cross is also known as the constellation Crux. Originally, it was part of Centaurus, which surrounds the cross on three sides. But when European explorers sailed south during the 16th century, this small group of stars served as a good navigational aid. Astronomers of the day decided to make the cross a separate constellation. Crux is a good celestial marker, too, because it points at the south celestial pole. The southernmost star in the cross, Alpha Crucis, is one of the brightest stars in the night sky. If you are in southern Florida or Texas, look for Crux after about 10 p.m. The northernmost star in the cross, called Gamma Crucis, is visible as far north as San Antonio, but it never climbs more than a few degrees above the horizon.

Buffett Takes A Dive
by Ben Brown, Coastal Living Magazine
Editor's Note: This article was transcribed from the May/June 2000 issue of Coastal Living Magazine and contains two great pictures of Jimmy, his sister Lucy and their mother Peets. One picture is located in the article while the other can be found in the table of contents at the front of the magazine.

Jimmy Buffett, singer of salt-crusted stories set on sun-washed beaches, may be the world's leading expert on that ramshackle species of restaurant known as the coastal dive. He has specific criteria for what makes one great. "It's gotta be by the water. It's gotta be made of wood. It's gotta have shrimp boats working within 10 miles so you have boiled shrimp that have never been frozen." And when he goes inside, Jimmy says, "I like to see people without teeth sitting next to people in Prada." There are bonus points if the place connects with a bait and tackle shop that's named Big Somebody's, as in Big Bob's Bait & Marina. There is a Big Bob's it turns out, on a skinny strip of land on Weeks Bay, an arm of Mobile Bay that's not far from Jimmy's home town of Mobile, AL. And sharing a wall with Big Bob's is the Buffett family joint, LuLu's Sunset Grill. LuLu's is pretty much the province of Jimmy's youngest sister, Lucy, who's in her second full year of operation. "Jimmy," says Lucy, "has a majority stake and a minority say." Her brother comes by whenever he's in town to visit family and to enjoy the view from a memorable spot. "This is where my Dad and I used to get our bait when we went fishing," says Jimmy. "Back when I was a starving folk singer, I didn't have any visions of owning property, but I always thought, boy, would I love to own that. I always said, when it's all said and done, I'd like to settle down in a bait shop and bar. And lo and behold, here it is." LuLu's would pass just about any Buffett litmus test. The old building gets more credit for endurance than design. If it rains, it leaks. The timbers that Lucy used for her screened-in dining porch are pieces of decking and docks that washed up after a recent Gulf of Mexico hurricane. Even though most folks take their eating and drinking outside when weather permits, there's also an inside bar with room for about 6 people, as long as everyone remains standing. The menu is loaded with eclectic seafood and vegetable fare found on the coasts of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Favorites include gumbo, oyster loaf, grouper sandwich with fried green tomatoes, peel-and-eat shrimp and a black-eyed pea appetizer Lucy call Lower Alabama Caviar. Yes, in deference to Jimmy's famous tunes, there are cheeseburgers and margaritas. There's also a nod to the Caribbean in the jerk chicken sandwiches. Parrot Heads might raise their feathers over the Merlots and Chardonays on the beverage list, but you can also sip more down-home stuff such as root beer from Barq's. "Gotta have those," says Jimmy. "The idea is to keep it simple," says Lucy, who left a career in film production in Los Angeles to be back among family and old friends. "There's the presence of Jimmy in the place, and then there's my taste and personality. But the real attraction is this," Lucy says, motioning beyond the screened porch to the water, backlit by the late afternoon sun.

Getting There
Lulu's Sunset Grill is beneath the Hwy. 98 Fish River Bridge on Weeks Bay in Fairhope, AL. It's open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday. Phone number (334) 990-9907

"In a flash a man with a hat and a harmonica stormed the stage. The crowd went berserk, the band said what a jerk as he went into a blues rampage"

Irvine - Fact or Overblown Fiction
by Bill Rams The Orange County Register

IRVINE, CA - The Police Department is squawking about the way some Jimmy Buffett "Parrotheads" behaved at his concert over the weekend. They drank heavily in the parking lot. They fought on the grass during the concert. They allegedly hurled bottles at police officers. Ten people were arrested for everything from assault to being drunk in public, said Irvine Police Sgt. Craig Smith. Nobody was seriously injured, but a police officer was hit in the head with a bottle. "We could have arrested everybody in that parking lot at one point," Smith said. "The problem with a Buffett event is that it's always a drink-a-thon. But this one was the worst yet." So bad that next year, police hope officials from Verizon Wireless Amphitheater will keep the parking lot gate shut until two hours before show time because of all the partying in the parking lot. They let people in six hours early for Saturday evening's concert. Buffett has played in Irvine every year for about the past 10 years, Smith said. This time, he attracted a younger, rowdier crowd. The show was sold out and Smith estimated that more than the amphitheater's capacity of 16,300 attended Saturday's show. Before Buffett, the Grateful Dead gave police problems at the venue formerly known as Irvine Meadows. The worst came in 1989, when 79 people were arrested. More recently, KROQ/106.7 FM's annual Weenie Roast drew lots of police attention. But that concert is moving to Edison International Field this year, Smith said. Regarding the Buffett concert, Smith added: "99 percent of the people are there to have a good time and see the show, it's that 1 % that gives us a headache."

Editor's Note: After hearing what our left coast Sandlapper members had to say, it sounds like this reporter only wrote of the bad and the ugly, not the good things that happened in the parking lot. So it goes, so it goes…

Fingers' Letter To The CoB,O
Editor's Note: This letter was e-mailed to the Church of Buffett by Fingers on Friday May 19, 2000

Hi everybody...this is Fingers on the computer, something you don't see too often....First of all, I'd really like to thank all of you who have written such nice messages of support for me. Your letters have been touching, funny, and very creative. Also, most of you have been right on the mark about what is going on and why I have decided to leave Buffett. Even dissenting opinions have made me think of the issues in a different light now and then. But I would like to clear up a few matters in this regard. Band members have not had all "free tickets that they want" since the l970's. For the past few years we have been allotted only two tickets each, plus some C.O.D's as space alots. And this year the C.O.D tickets are "extremely limited", due to the fact that we have to make room for the added influx of more corporate guests from the Seagram's camp.(distributors of Margaritaville Tequila). So, the band suffers because the corporate geeks must be pacified. I think this sucks.

Jimmy's recently implemented policies concerning our families was the straw that broke this camel's back. He has always provided a couple of extra vans to transport our families to the shows. These are no longer available. Our families are only welcome at the shows in three cities on the tour, where they will not be allowed backstage except in some sort of holding area before the show, and during the show they must sit in the audience and use the restrooms out front, no matter what their age. My boys are 2 years and 6 months old. I don't want them in the middle of 20,000 people. These policies I feel are rude and inconsiderate, not to mention unpractical. After 30 years, I think it should be known that I have never received any heath insurance plan. Our retirement plan is laughable! And now that one of the best perks is gone... I feel there is no reason to continue this job at this time. Thanks again for everything. I'll be back in touch. Sorry I can't reply personally at this point, but I'll try in the weeks ahead.

Rock on, Fingers.

"I have been drunk now for over 2 weeks. I passed out and I rallied and I sprung a few leaks, but I've got to stop bitchin', gotta go fishin' I'm down to rock bottom again, with 1 less friend, 1 less friend"

Card From Fingers

The SPHC received a nice surprise the other day: a card from Fingers Taylor. The handmade card is very colorful with lots of peace signs, musical notes, stars, butterflies, etc. The front reads
"It Takes Both Rain & Sunshine To Make A Rainbow" The inside of the card is dated May 15, 2000 and reads,"Many Thanks To The World's Greatest Fans! Rock On! Your Friend, Greg "Fingers" Taylor

Pholks, was there ever any doubt that that this guy is a class act? See ya on the road Greg…
Thanks for the memories!

DSTC Bahama Bound?

At a recent New York Knicks/Miami Heat NBA playoff game with his family, Jimmy Buffett told the Miami Sun Sentinel newspaper that he is in negotiations with the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas to make his critically acclaimed musical Don't Stop The Carnival the resort's permanent show. "We still have a couple of things to work out," Buffett said. "One of them is the funding, but we have our fingers crossed. I'm hoping we have the play up and running by Christmas. And hopefully, it'll run there forever because it's a great location for it." Buffett said the musical's new home would be Merv Griffin's old theater, a 500-seat arena on the resort grounds. The '97 musical, which Buffett wrote with the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Herman Wouk, tells the story of a New York publicist who abandons the rat race for a Caribbean island.

BubbaFreak Interviews Fingers

BF: So Greg, it looks like your summer plans have changed a little. What have you got in mind for the next few months?

Fingers: I'm really looking forward to spending the summer at home with my family. I'm really enjoying playing with Don Middlebrook and Living Soul. Plus, this change is going to give me the chance to know about where I live. It seems I've been on the road ever since I moved up to Michigan.

BF: Will you be playing with anybody else?

Fingers: Well, there's a band in New Orleans I've played with often, and I'll probably be doing some stuff with them. I love these guys. They're called the Johnny Sansone Band.

BF: All summer long Mac has been telling me you and he were trying to get down to Muscle Shoals to do some recording. What's up with that?

Fingers: Funny you should ask. I just got a call from Chris LeDoux down in Nashville. I'm flying there next week to meet with him. That's one of the first steps with some of the work I'll be doing with Mac.Then I'm going to hunker down with Tim Krekel, one of the old Reefers, and he, Mac and I will be doing some stuff in Nashville and down in Muscle Shoals.

BF: What's this I hear about Amanda (Greg's wife) playing the bass guitar?

Fingers: Yeah that's right. She's even jumped up with Living Soul and played the drums with us. Plus, she produced the three songs I did on the new CD I Can't Spell Caribbean.

BF: Well Greg, I'm gonna let you get to your pizza. We'll talk soon.

Fingers: You bet. I'm just looking forward to playing for the fans. It's the Parrot Heads that made Buffett and I what we are today.

"Where's that harpoon man?"

Knight's Castle Update

Whew! That about sums up the last night we worked Knight's Castle. May 13th was the date and the weather was absolutely beautiful…until the 2nd inn-ing. Then we saw an awesome display of Mother Nature's fury as she unleashed a mini-hurricane on the unsuspecting crowd. From there we had lines 30 deep at all four of our windows and a slowly depleting inventory of cooked food. Add that to the fact that only 1 of our 8 beer taps were working properly and you get an ugly vision of ParrotHeads ready to pull their feathers out. All in all though Ma Nature turned out to be our best friend that night as we made over $700.00 in the effort…a personal record for the SPHC. Thanks to all of you volunteers who worked that evening. So far this season, we have made over $1,400 in 3 nights of work. Check the calendar on the last page to see our schedule for June and if you haven't signed up to work a night yet, what the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks are ya waiting for.

?Who Are We?

We are the Sandlappers and our mission, should we decide to accept it (we usually do), is to leave the world a little better place than we found it. Oh yeah, we also like the music of that thar Jimmy Buffett fella too. If you have an interest in joining the SPHC there are several ways of going about doing that. You can call our toll free information hotline at 1-877-BUFFETT or you can visit our web site at and print a copy of our application. Either way, we'll leave the light on for ya!

Sayonara Two Can Sam

Mark Friday July 7th on your calendars and make plans to come to the Summit Restaurant in Chester for what will truly be a huge party. The Summit will be celebrating their 10th anniversary, but on a grander note, the Two Can Sam Band will be playing their last concert. Citing new rules and a lack of a decent retirement program from band leader and SPHC Chester County Membership Director Billy James, the band will be disbanding after the show (I hope you know I'm just kidding Billy). For those who missed it, 2 Can played at our Endless Carnival Party last year and numerous other parties at the Summit. Thanks for the memories 2 Can! We'll miss ya.

Children's Attention Home Update

The SPHC recently bought the kids of Children's Attention Home a new Compaq computer system. The system was installed last week and works beautifully. I would like to challenge each of our members to keep your eyes open for educational software that has been marked down to ridiculously low prices. We need to add a few software titles to their collection so their kids will have a few things to help them learn. Also, FLASH! This Just In! The Children's Attention Home would like to invite the members of the Sandlapper ParrotHead Club to their annual recognition dinner for volunteers. Each member is allowed to bring one guest, but you MUST RSVP by June 5th by calling 803-329-8871.

Date: June 15, 2000 Time: 6:30 PM
Place: Oakland Ave. Presbyterian Church Activity Center (the old Cinema Theater)
RSVP: Call 803-328-8871 (between 9 & 5)
Dress: Casual

"There are oceans of feelings between us, Currents that take us and sweep us away. That's why we seldom have seen us in the light of a cold hard day. Lots of new friends with the same old answers, open your eyes you might see. If our lives were that simple we'd live in the past, if the phone doesn't ring it's me"

Calendar of Phlockings

June 2 Worthington Station at the Rainbow Deli, Arboretum, Pineville, 9PM
June 6 SPHC concession stand workout at Knight's Castle, be there by 5PM
June 13 SPHC monthly meeting, Tropical Escape Cafe, Rock Hill, 7PM
June 23 SPHC concession stand workout at Knight's Castle, be there by 5PM
July 7 Two Can Sam's last concert, The Summitt Restaurant, Chester
July 11 SPHC monthly meeting, Tropical Escape Cafe, Rock Hill, 7PM
July 13 SPHC concession stand workout at Knight's Castle, be there by 5PM
July 15 SPHC Road trip to Atlanta to see Buffett at Lakewood Amphitheatre
July 15 (?) Fingers & Mac MacAnally in concert in Atlanta at the ??????????
July 24 SPHC concession stand workout at Knight's Castle, be there by 5PM
August 8 SPHC Monthly meeting, The Summit Restaurant, Chester, 7PM
August 9 SPHC concession stand workout at Knight's Castle, be there by 5PM
August 23 SPHC concession stand workout at Knight's Castle, be there by 5PM (last night)
Sept 12 SPHC Monthly meeting, Tropical Escape Café, Rock Hill, 7PM
Sept 16 SPHC's 3rd Annual Endless Carnival Party

SPHC Officers

President/Founder Bob Robinson 803-327-6009
Vice-President Randy Little 803-385-6254
Treasurer DeeAnna Brooks 803-222-5665
Secretary Rose Allen 803-385-6692
Events Coordinator Mark Sebastian 803-324-0559
Chester Membership Billy James 803-581-0857
York Co. Membership Kristen Glenn 803-366-3534
Lancaster Membership Bill Sims 803-285-5320
Web Mistress Sue Eaker 704-847-8357