Sandlapper ParrotHead Telegraph
A Charter Club Of Parrot Heads in Paradise
Volume II, Number 12
March 2000

Happy 2nd Anniversary Sandlappers!

Another year come and gone for the SPHC and fiscal year 2000 promises to be the best yet. 1999 found us saving the manatees with a lifetime membership to the Buffett-inspired charity; we worked the concession stands at Knight's Castle during the AAA baseball season; we had riots, fires & yard sales; we renourished the masses in Chester at the March-of-Dimes Walk-America Walkathon; some of us braved Key West in October for the Meeting of the Minds convention; others made the trek to see Erik Smith, et al, at Captain Harry's in the Holy City for the Key West to Charleston Review; also, we mustn't forget the concert season and our two big parties. 'Twas a good year to be a parrot head indeed. And Y2K (the year, not the bug) is looking just as good. Check inside for all the news that's phairly phit to line the canary cage.


"I've been in vans and in bands, on and through stages, one thing I can conclude: one has to learn havin' fun is just smilin' through those changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes"

Things You Know By Heart
1001 Questions from the Songs of Jimmy Buffett

Olaf Nordstrom, author of "The Essential Book of Boat Drinks & Assorted Frozen Concoctions", sent me a copy of this book when it was first published. What you'll find below is a sampling of the types of questions you'll find between the covers of this jewel. Answers can be found on the end of the newsletter. No, I didn't forget to put them there this time.

1. If you really do love the now, what unusual feat might the moon achieve?

2. Why did the 12-volt man go to Mexico?

3. What is the population of Ringling, Montana?

4. Where might you find the old Chicamooga?

5. Whose music do you listen to as you walk along the beach?

6. In what city did Billy meet Merita?

7. Where did you spend a year of your life one night?

8. What do you find on the corner of Government & Bay Avenue?

9. What color is your ragtop?

10. What buries the past of Daufauskee Island?

11. What movie did Frank & Lola see?

12. What occupation suffers from a shortage?

13. What can you get for a fin?

14. What eatery is located on Tillman Street?

15. What is Beggar's Tomb?

16. Who inherited the unpopular poet's royalties?

17. What latitude does the Remittance Man follow?

18. What cities/landmarks from Buffett songs lie on the following chart coordinates?

A. Latitude 36 North/Longitude 86 West
B. Latitude 28 North/Longitude 82 West
C. Latitude 22 North/Longitude 97 West
D. Latitude 32 North/Longitude 79 West
E. Latitude 13 North/Longitude 59 West
F. Latitude 17 North/Longitude 88 West
G. Latitude 23 North/Longitude 82 West
H. Latitude 17 South/Longitude 149 West

"The whole damn world's gone crazy the moon is jumpin' over the cow. How can you help but…not love the now?"

SPHC 2nd Anniversary Party

March 25th is just over the first break of waves and we've got clear sailing ahead for our 2nd Anniversary Party at the Summit Restaurant in Chester. Proprietor Ryan Robertson made us an offer we couldn't refuse. We'll start the evening off with Erik Smith at 6PM in the Hospitality Room, accessible only by registered guests of the party. Then at 8PM, the Triad Parrot Head Club's own Darryl Clark will serenade us to the 10PM hour when Worthington Station will make their appearance. This party has been well-advertised and will be attended by folks from the Triad club in Greensboro, NC, the Pleasure Islanders from Wilmington, NC, the Charlotte club, the Cape Fear club in Fayetteville, the Coast of Carolina club in Myrtle Beach, the Low Country club in Charleston and from all over the parrot head world. The Executive Inn in Chester will be our official hotel and reservations can be made by dialing 803-581-2525 and asking for the parrot head rate ($39.95). We'll have a free shuttle to the party and back and Ryan has agreed to $3.95 cheeseburger platters and various drink specials. There will be lots of Buffett related stuff to be raffled and auctioned off and we'll give all registered guests a personal access badge, lanyard and SPHC koozie. Who knows, if you're not careful you might even get leid when you walk in the door. If you have not received a registration form by the time you receive this newsletter, call me at 803-327-6009 or print one from our web site.

The eXpatriate Zone
by Jackson "BubbaFreak" Quigley

Each month SPHC friend Jackson Quigley publishes the eXpatriate Zone, an e-zine found at With Jack's permission we'll be highlighting a few articles in an ongoing feature in the SPHC Telegraph. This month's article is about Sunny Jim White, the eXpatriate Zone's "Expatriate of the Month."

James "Sunny Jim" White

When I first ventured on the Internet in 1995, I ran in to a guy named "Sunny Jim" who was living down in the Cayman Islands. We never really got a chance to connect, for which I am truly sorry. But, when something is supposed to happen, it usually does. On the first leg of my "Road Dawg" Tour, I stayed with my good friend Alex & Janet Leist and their wonderful children. Over the five days I stayed at their house, Alex and I listened to a lot of music, and one of the guys we both liked was "Sunny Jim." I bought one of James' CDs from Alex, and fell in love with it immediately. The CD was his second, called "Life in the Laid Back Lane."

Little did I know that I would meet up with James and his roadie "Shady Floyd" several times over the next six months. James was embarking on his first real tour of the US since he moved "down island" almost twelve years ago. We got several chances to talk over the summer, and we will have an in depth article about this "Expatriate" soon on "The eXPATRIATE ZONE" web site. Be sure to watch for it. In the meantime, here are a couple of quick things I learned about this great musician. When I asked him about his "Expatriate" status, his reply was, "Technically, an expatriate is someone who lives outside their own country, for whatever reason. For some it's legal reasons, others just because they want to, or that's where the work is. I have been an expatriate for nearly twelve years now. I have pretty fully lived the whole Caribbean experience, from climbing the coconut trees and spear fishing, to sailing, scuba diving, hot afternoons on the beach and romantic moonlit nights under the swaying palms."

Even as James is about to repatriate himself and his family, I ask if there were any other places he would consider living as an expatriate? "Maybe somewhere on the coast of Mexico or in a group of islands that are all within sailing distance of one another," was the advice he gave. Until we can learn more of "Sunny Jim's" world, stop by his web site. The address is and if you don't have one of his CDs yet, including his latest release "Sandbar Serenade," for goodness sake, pick one up. On a side note, Sunny Jim and Jim Morris will be performing together for the 1st time ever at the 2000 Meeting of the Minds in KW.

Radio Margaritaville Anniversary
Radio Margaritaville celebrated its 1st anniversary on March 4th with a re-broadcast of Mr. Buffett in concert at the grand opening of Margaritaville Orlando. RM went on to broadcast more than half the concerts throughout the summer and certain solo efforts by the tropical troubadour. RM can be found at

Margaritaville Tequila Party

What a night! The Tropical Escape Café was rockin' on Leap Night 2000. Seagrams was on hand to offer up samples of the not-yet-released Margaritaville Tequila. Both gold and silver elixirs were available for tasting in margaritas or straight shots. Our thanks go out to Seagrams for being there and the Sandlappers look forward to a long relationship with them. Also special thanks to the Roger at the Tropical Escape and their phantastic staff for making the evening hitchless. Can the thanks continue? You bet. Worthington Station pulled a killer 2 ½ hour set for us, showcasing several new tunes. And to those who sacrificed a great deal to be with us that. Sandlapper Laura Vaughn Hudson realigned her business travel plans to be there from Raleigh. And Mitchell Sellers joined us after a 6 hour drive from Dalton, GA. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the tequila. From all reports I heard the hooch was given wings up by those who imbibed . April 3rd here we come!

"There was too much tequila or not quite enough"

Knight's Castle Dates

Thanks to Lewis Cauthen, the SPHC's Doctor of Dentistry and Concession Stand Coordinator, we will be working two nights a month at Knight's Castle in Fort Mill during the AAA baseball season. Check below for the dates and times and try to get an idea of what dates you'll be able to volunteer for. There will be a training session set up just prior to opening night, which we'll be working. The Knights are the AAA team for the Chicago White Sox. Last year, we made over $1000 for 3 night's work. With 10 dates set, and a possible weekend during the ACC tournament, we could feasibly make over $4000 for the club and our charities.
Wed. April 12th Toledo Mud Hens
Sat. April 29th Richmond Braves
Sat. May 13th Louisville River Bats
Thur. May 25th Richmond Braves
Tue. June 6th Rochester Red Wings
Fri. June 23rd Indianapolis Indians
Thur. July 13th Syracuse Sky Chiefs
Mon. July 24th Louisville River Bats
Wed. August 9th Durham Bulls
Wed. August 23rd Durham Bulls

Corona Ad Blitz

Corona has announced they will be cranking out a $25 million ad campaign this year and I like to think the Sandlappers played a part in this decision. Modelo, Corona's parent company, flew in their management teams for the Buffett concert in Charlotte last year and they all attended our pre-concert party at Boardwalk Billy's. Hmm, I wonder if they saw any potential in us ParrotHeads?

Concert Tickets

It's that time of year again. Buffett's summer concert schedule will be announced around mid-March and we'll need to be ready to get our $$$ together to send in for tickets. If we happen to NOT get a Charlotte concert this year, you'll need to tell me where you're willing to travel to see him. Atlanta is a shoe-in for a couple of shows. Raleigh generally gets a show, sometimes two. Virginia Beach has been rumored to be getting a show and this is not good news for us as the last time Buffett scheduled VB, he by-passed Charlotte. I've called Blockbuster Pavilion to no avail. They ain't talking. Also, Nissan Pavilion outside of Washington, DC has been rumored to be getting 2 shows on June 15th & 17th. Everyone be ready, 'cause when the green flag drops and the concerts are announced, it's usually a mad dash to get the $$$ together for the tickets. By the way, the tickets we purchase are given to PHiP by Buffett's management firm HK Management out of Beverly Hills. If you haven't participated in club activities this past year, it's unlikely you will be offered the opportunity to buy club tickets. If you've been active in club activities you won't need to worry. Just be ready for the announcement and get your $$$ to me ASAP!

March Meeting

The SPHC will hold its monthly meeting at the Tropical Escape Café on Tuesday, March 14th. The Café is located in Rock Hill on Anderson Road (21 By-Pass) and the party starts at 7PM. Worthington Station will provide the live jams for us.

"It's too gnarly a day for the classroom, mon. They're breakin' so nice down the coast. Let's jump in the car and grab a buzz on 'cause cruisin's what I dig the most"

Who's That Sandlapper???

Starting this month, the Sandlapper ParrotHead Telegraph will offer up this feature for the hungry minds in Margaritaville. If you have a photo you'd like to submit for consideration, send it to SPHC, 4214 Old York Rd. Rock Hill, SC 29732

This month's mystery Sandlapper is a part-time model and heads up a security firm in a large southern state. Not many of you have met this amphibian before, but he's been a member of our club for almost a year now. He is a charter member of the Key West Foreign Legion and he lives less than a mile from Mr. Buffett himself. The answer can be found at the end of the newsletter..

"Someone wants a piece of you, never let 'em pay. What you do not give them, time takes anyway. Had I known what love is worth, I could have saved the tears, might have come in handy like souvenirs"

Harlem Globetrotters

The Harlem Globetrotters are coming to the Winthrop Coliseum on Tuesday, March 28th and we've been offered group prices by the coliseum staff. We need a minimum of 20 people to get these prices and I'll need to know ASAP if you're interested. Tickets are priced at $6, $9 & $12 and I'll need to know the price level you're interested in. We'll take the price level most requested and buy those tickets as the group price benefit is based on all tickets being at the same level. Call me at 803-327-6009 to make your reservations.

Come See Me Festival Update

Rock Hill's Come See Me Festival is just around the corner and the Sandlappers will participate in two events this year. First, on Thursday, April 6th, we'll be selling beer at the Beach Bash held in downtown Rock Hill. They've agreed to let us promote the club whilst we wile away the hours quenching the thirsty thousands. And what a way to spend an evening. We'll be serenaded by The Tams, that fabulous beach music band that recently backed up Buffett on Flesh and Bone, from Jimmy's Beach House on the Moon CD. Sign up to volunteer for this event at the March 14th meeting at the Tropical Escape Café in Rock Hill.

The other event will be the grand finale tailgate Party and Fireworks at the Winthrop University Coliseum on Saturday April 16th. This year's event will be sorta low-key for us. We'll squat our plot and sell pholks on the many benefits (and side-effects) of being a parrot head.

Answers To Those Questions

Things You Know By Heart
1. The moon is jumpin' over the cow
2. To work on his tan
3. 40 people
4. At the bottom of Mobile Bay
5. Bob Marley
6. Havana
7. Beirut
8. Doomsday Phanatic
9. Classy little white & red
10. Bulldozers
11. Body Heat
12. Hard Drinkin' Calypso Poet
13. Full tank
14. The Dixie Diner
15. A silver mine
16. Spooner his ol' hound
17. The equator
18. a.West Nashville, TN; b. Key West, FL; c. Tampico, Mexico; d. Margaritaville, Charleston; e. Bridgetown, Barbados; f. Portobello, Belize; g. Havana, Cuba; h. Tahiti

Who's That Sandlapper
That Sandlapper is none other than Gator Dave Van Camp, our missionary to the Phlorida Phlock. GD is known to model on occasion and sip other people's drinks through an eight foot long straw. Where the hell do you find an eight foot long straw? You don't. You must create this monster by shoving regular straws together 'til they reach their destiny.

Calendar of Phlockings
March 10th Worthington Station ALIVE! at the Rainbow Deli, The Arboretum, Pineville
March 14th SPHC monthly meeting, Tropical Escape Café, Anderson Rd. Rock Hill, 7PM, Worthington Station performing.
March 17th Caribbean Cowboys at Jillian's in Charlotte, 5PM - 8PM.
March 18th Palmetto PHC Phloating in the Columbia, SC St. Patty's Day Parade. There's sure to be a party afterwards at Gilligan's, located in 5 Points.
March 18th Registrations due for SPHC's 2nd Anniversary Party.
March 25th SPHC's 2nd Anniversary Party, The Summit Restaurant, Chester, 6PM, performers include Erik Smith, Darryl Clark and Worthington Station.
March 28th Harlem Globetrotters at the Winthrop University Coliseum.
March 28th Worthington Station ALIVE II! At Tubby's, Cherry Rd., Rock Hill, 7PM
April 6th Come See Me Festival's Beach Bash, the SPHC will "tappa kegga too" for the thirsty masses and jam to the soulful sounds of The Tams, 5PM - 9PM, sign-up at the next monthly meeting on March 14th.
April 11th SPHC monthly meeting, Tropical Escape Café, Rock Hill, 7PM, Worthington Station performing.
April 13th Jimmy cranks up the spring tour in Dallas.
April 15th Jimmy does Vegas.
April 18th Jimmy does San Francisco.
April 20th Jimmy does Chula Vista, San Diego.
April 22nd Jimmy does Chula Vista again!
April 25th Jimmy does Phoenix.
April 26th Worthington Station ALIVE III at the Wing Ding, Summit Restaurant on top of the hill in beautiful downtown Chester.
April 27th Jimmy does Irvine (29th as well).
April 28th Pleasure Island PHC's Annual Spring Phlocking and Anniversary Party in Carolina Beach, NC, Friday through Sunday, golf outing on Friday, booze cruise on the Cape Fear on Saturday, and live music at Cobb's Corner on Saturday night. All regional clubs invited.
April 28th Palmetto PHC's Fin Fest at University House, Columbia, featuring Gary and The Landsharks, benefiting the Alzheimer's Associations.
May 5th Cinco de Mayo and Club Trini releases their Live CD at M'ville New Orleans
May 9th SPHC monthly meeting, Summit Restaurant, Chester, 7PM.
June 3rd Jimmy cranks up the Tuesday's, Thursday's & Saturday's Summer Tour in Virginia Beach ???
November 2nd 2000 Meeting of the Minds, Pacing the Keys, Key West, and I'm thinking
thru the 5th. RoadTrip!

"I was only supposed to go down to the corner and get the paper.
Next thing I knew I was on I-95 headed for Florida!"
JB, You Had To Be There.With apologies for my use of poetic license

The Sandlapper Parrothead Club is a non-profit organization that ROCKS! Our charitable efforts are tireless. Our environmental awareness is keen. Our lifestyles are laid back. Our background music is BUFFETT! Call our Toll Free Happenin' HotLine at 1-877-BUFFETT and get with it.