Sandlapper ParrotHead Telegraph
October 1999

Captain’s Log...It's A Boy!

Cayo Hueso Sandlappers! As in the past I’ll explain once again that I know the meaning of that phrase to be ‘Key West’ and not a salutation. I just can’t help myself. On Roctober 20th, I’ll be making my first migration to the Keys for the annual Meeting of the Minds ParrotHead Convention. Am I excited? You bet! The educational aspect of my trip is mind-blowing with all the seminars being offered by PHiP. We will certainly come away from the islands more enriched and ready to execute our findings to the benefit of the club. Oh yeah, there might be a party or two to help us trudge our way through to the end.

What’s that? You want to know why that exclamation "It’s A Boy" is looming large at the top of the page? Well, I thought you’d never ask. The Sandlapper PH Club is the proud parent of a 2,364 pound adopted not-so-babyish Manatee. Our baby’s name is Floyd and he is approx-imately 20 +/- years old. Read all about our newest bundle of phlub and joy in the latest edition of the Telegraph. That and more for your bathroom reading enjoy-ment. If I don’t see ya’ll at the next monthly phlocking, maybe we can hook up in.



During halftime of the Clemson/Virginia football game recently, the Tiger Band (the band that shakes the south land incidentally) performed a Jimmy Buffett medley comprised of tunes like Changes In Latitudes, Come Monday, Margaritaville and Fins. Their on-field formations included a margarita glass, a shark fin, a sailboat and a palm tree.


Roger Bartlett, Coral Reefer from yes-ter-year, has a new CD out. His band, Hell’s Kitchen, comprised of Don Brooks, Rick Ulfik and Jeff Van Nost-rand have put together an eclectic, blues-based party on a disc. The CD is available at as well Roger’s web site:


Jimmy’s plans to broadcast his Millennium Concert on pay-per-view have fallen through. The good news here is that the show will be broadcast live on Radio Margaritaville.


Speaking of the Millenium Concert, the sales of the $1500 tickets have gone so slow that he is offering a few incent-ives to boost sales: Premium tickets to a Y2K Buffett concert of your choosing, a video of the Millenium Show and a re-served dining area at the New Year’s Eve show. Hey what’s that number……


The concert on St. Bart’s is confirmed and will be held on the public dock in Gustavia. The show will feature a cut-down version of the Coral Reefers.Plans to broadcast the St. Bart’s show live have been put on the back burner due to the fact that the tiny Caribbean island isn’t technologically advanced e-nough to handle the broadcast. You will be able to hear it the next day though on a tape delayed basis.


Jimmy’s new Live CD will not be made up of songs from just from the 1998 Florida mini-tour as we had earlier reported here in the Telegraph. Portions of the Beach House Tour will be represented as well. Rumored songs to be included are Fruitcakes, Southern Cross, Love and Luck and Tin Cup Chalice. With Jimmy free from his contract with Island Records, he’ll be releasing the new CD on his newly created label,Mail Boat Records (See Later Article)


Jimmy and Alan Jackson sing a duet of Margaritaville on Jackson’s newest CD Under The Influence.


Fingers & Amanda Taylor are the proud parents of their second child, a boy, on September 27th. The 19 inch, 7 ½ pound tyke was named Hunter McKinley William Taylor.


Jerry Jeff Walker has written an auto-biography, Gypsy Songman, that will be on your favorite bookstore shelves on November 1st. The forward was written by his long-time pal Jimmy Buffett and should contain a few tales about their days together in Coconut Grove & KW.

March of Dimes WalkAmerica

The SPHC recently sponsored a watering station during the March of Dimes Walk America Walk-a-Thon in Chester and we walked away with the Chairman’s Award for most money raised by a group less than 5 years old. Over $500 was raised in the days prior to the walk-a-thon. The following volunteers are to be commended for coming out to help with the watering station on that chilly and early Saturday morning: Jean & Randy Little, Renee & Billy James, Rose & DeWayne Allen, Sonia (Hey, I spelled it right Sonia) & Zach Roof, and Mark Sebastian. Thanks for the efforts!

Eastern NC Relief Efforts

The SPHC Board voted recently to cut a check to the NC Governor’s Hurricane Floyd Relief Fund. A donation of $250 was called in during the Sunday, October 3rd televised telethon and a check was cut shortly thereafter. To donate money on your own to this worthy cause, send your check to:

NC Hurricane Floyd Disaster Relief Fund Office of the Governor
20301 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-0301

October Monthly Phlocking

The October Phlocking will be held at the El Caribe Mexiribbean Restaurant in Rock Hill on Cherry Rd. between Oakland and Charlotte Avenues next to the BP Station. The meeting starts at 7PM with Worthington Station and Jimmy Gladden providing the live music for us. Hope to see ya there.

Winter Tour Dates Confirmed

Jimmy’s winter tour dates have just been confirmed. After the St. Bart’s show on November 6th, Jimmy and the Reefers will be bound for:

Tampa on November 30th
Orlando on December 2nd
New Orleans on December 4th
Houston on December 7th
W. Palm Beach on December 9th & 11th

I’ve been offered tickets for the December 9th show in West Palm. If anyone is interested in going, contact me ASAP. I can shoot for the other shows as well, but there are no guarantees. Just let me know which show you want to attend and I’ll get the ball rolling with your requests.

Quote of the Month

"Dealing with this budget dilemma reminds me of the Jimmy Buffett song Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season."....House Majority Leader Dick Armey

MOTM Registration Is Closed!!!

Registration for the 1999 Meeting of the Minds closed on September 30th with a 10% increase over last year’s numbers. Last year, 2,066 ParrotHeads were officially registered, while this year, after a lengthy process of elimination (cancellations, refunds and rejecting a few for not being members of a PHiP sanctioned club), there are 2,272 ParrotHeads ready and rarin’ to get down island. Besides myself, Sue Eaker, Randy & Jean Little, David & Lynne Rogers, Jo Bennett and Gator Dave Van Camp are registered for MOTM.


On September 24th, the Sandlapper ParrotHead Club adopted Floyd the Manatee. Born sometime in the summer of 1978, he was escorted into the warm waters of Blue Spring State Park by his mother Phoebe that same year. Floyd has a large crescent-shaped scar on one side and a tail injury from 1986 that make it easy to identify him. Floyd’s younger brother Philip is also in the adoption program. Floyd has developed quite a personality, perhaps from watching his buddy Howie. He likes to sneak up behind swimmers, photographers and researchers and, when they least expect it, give them a boost from behind to the surface of the water. He also enjoys posing for photos and it often becomes a battle between him and Howie as to who gets their picture taken first. On weekends you’ll often find him down on Duval Street doin’ the Duval Crawl (just kiddin’). Since 1984, when sightings first started to be recorded, Floyd has been sighted over 400 times in the Blue Spring State Park. Along with this information, we received a video chronicling manatees in Homasassa Springs State Wildlife Park, a membership handbook and a merchandise catalog from which you can order manatee stuff. We also received a color photo of Floyd which I will have at the next meeting.

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays

Jimmy’s new live CD will be released Tuesday, November 9th and will have 15 songs on it (7 of which have never been on a live compilation before). So, without further delay, here’s the line-up:

Southern Cross
Pencil Thin Mustache
Tryin’ To Reason With Hurricane Season
Coconut Telegraph
Cheeseburger In Paradise
Come Monday
Son Of A Son Of A Sailor
Brown Eyed Girl
Tin Cup Chalice
One Particular Harbour
Love & Luck.

Accompanying the announcement of the live CD on the Margaritaville web site was this message from Jimmy:

Don’t Buy This Record

We have been making records for a long time, and we have been on the road for a long time, and one of the great joys in keeping this boat moving, is that we have a lot of water and time in our wake. Some crew members have come & gone, but many are still here. The passenger list is more interesting than it ever has been. On earlier voyages, we ran at a faster speed and stopped at a thousand ports along the way. These days, however, we just play Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays. When our ship comes in, the party begins. If angst is your diet and serious thought is your idea of recreation, then please don’t buy this record. But if you like the beach, need some escapism and like to laugh, stomp and dance, then you have come to the right spot.

Coral Reefer Mac MacAnally

Lyman "Mac" MacAnally was born in Red Bay, Alabama on July 15, 1957 and raised in Belmont, Mississippi. A guitar and piano prodigy, he was performing in the honky-tonks and Baptist churches along the Tennessee/Mississippi state line by the time he was 13. His early influences were Ry Cooder, Doc Watson and James Taylor. By the time he turned 18, Mac was a seasoned session musician for the pop and R&B groups who regularly came to Muscle Shoals to record. At 23, Mac signed with Geffen Records, the first musician to do so. His albums, Mac MacAnally (1977), No Problem Here (1978), Nothin’ But The Truth (1983), Finish Lines (1988), Simple Life (1990), Live and Learn (1992) and Knots (1994), became prized by record collectors. His warm and witty live performances, meanwhile, garnered him a bona fide cult following. Mac also made a name for himself as a topnotch producer. His production credits include Jimmy Buffett, Ricky Skaggs and Sawyer Brown. As a session guitarist, he can be heard on albums by Lyle Lovett, Trisha Yearwood, Keith Whitley, Nanci Griffith, Dolly Parton, Linda Rondstadt, George Jones, Reba McEntire, Hank, Jr., and Patty Loveless. Mac’s latest effort, Word Of Mouth, (Dreamworks, 1999) recorded at Mac’s in-home studio in Muscle Shoals, is a triumph of total artistic freedom he enjoys from having his own studio. Says Mac, "Anytime you can walk around in your underwear playing the mandolin and calling it work, it’s a good thing."

2nd Annual Halloween Party

The SPHC’s 2nd Annual Halloween Party has been scheduled for Saturday, October 30th at the home of Bob & Sherry Robinson. Last year’s party was a phun time for all with Mark Sebastian taking home the top prize for best costume with his gorgeous portrayal, and I say that with tongue firmly planted, of Desdemona, the cosmic baker. This year, we have decided to lift the ban on pirate costumes to allow all revelers to dress as Stede Bonnett or Molly Whatsername if they wish. Anyone coming to the party in street clothes will automatically be assigned to "judging duties." This year, the prizes will be a lot nicer than they were last year. We have Caribbean Soul tee shirts, an autographed CD from Roger Bartlett’s band Hell’s Kitchen, a Jimmy Buffett Scrapbook and other phine stuff. So make your plans to be at our place on the 30th. The party starts at 8 PM and will go ‘til the last Parrot has phlown the coop. BYOWhatever and we’ll provide the munchies. There’ll be a bon fire and a tour of a real haunted house. We’re also working on having live music for everyone so come on out to 4214 Old York Road in Rock Hill and have a ghoulishly good time! For those needing directions, call me at 803-327-6009. For those no wanting to repeat any of last year’s costumes, there was a ‘No Pete Rose’, a Railroad Lady, a Jailor, a Fillin’ Station Robber, a 12-Volt Man, a Frank & Lola, and too many more to list here. Use your imaginations and let’s make this the best party yet!

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