Sandlapper Parrothead Telegraph
Volume II, Number 7
September 1999
A Charter PHiP Club

"If I don't find me a honey to help me spend my money I'm headin' back to Key West Town"

Captain's Log

Hello Sandlappers……I know, I know, the 1999 Meeting of the Minds ParrotHead Convention won't convene until next month, BUT the registration deadline is September 15th and now is as good a time as any to pass along all the information I can to youse guys. Inside this special issue you'll find the regular news articles you've grown accustomed to as well as MOTM schedules for registration, meetings and entertainment. If you're planning on going to Key West next month and need a registration form, let me know ASAP and I'll forward one on to you. See you in Cayo Hueso!

1999 Meeting of the Minds Schedule

Thursday October 21st
9AM - 10PM
Registration in the Hilton Ballroom

Mini-Mart Opens

Raffle Tickets On Sale

Auction Items On Display

Peppers of Key West Hot Sauce Tasting

The Great ParrotHead Shape-Up
Hosted by The ParrotHeads of Central FL
Ten Tons of ParrotHead PHUN Weigh-In Location TBA
Donate $1 Per Pound Lost
Proceeds Benefit The FL Hospital Diabetes Education Center

1PM - 6PM
2nd Annual Buffett Listserv Party
Hosted by The Jersey Boyz at
Rick's Upstairs
Musical Guests:
Jim Morris
Sunny James White
St. Somewhere
$2 Cover Charge to cover expenses

6PM - Midnight
"Welcome to Paradise" Cuban BBQ
Sponsored by Hog's Breath Saloon
Musical Guests:
Mango Mango @ 6PM
St. Somewhere @8PM
Good Food, Great Music, Most Excellent Party

Midnight Madness
Midnight Shopping at the Margaritaville Store for Registered ParrotHeads ONLY!

Friday October 22nd
9AM - 2PM
Registration in the Hilton Ballroom

9AM - 10AM
New Club Breakout Session

9AM Seminar*
How To Keep Your Club Going

9:30 AM Seminar*
Club By-Laws & Other Legal Goo

* Seminar Locations TBA

10AM - Noon
Founder's Brunch
Conch Republic Seafood Company
631 Green Street

2PM - 8PM
Registration Closed!

Hilton Pier Opens

3PM - 7PM
Private Pier Party & Sunset Celebration
Pier B Hilton Resort & Marina, Front Street
Musical Guests:
Scott Kirby
Peter Mayer Band
Club Trini
Nadirah Shakoor
Tina Gullickson

Warning! This event is open only to registered ParrotHeads. You must wear the wristband included in your registration packet to get on the pier for this party.

8PM - 10PM
Registration Re-Opens

8PM - Midnight
2nd Annual "Stars On The Water" Beach Party Pier House
Musical Guests:
Koko Loco

Midnight Madness
More Shopping at Margaritaville

Saturday October 23rd

Wipeout Line
Join The Pittsburgh PH Club as they attempt to form the World's Longest Wipeout Line
Details TBA

Steel Your Heart Band Performance
Students from the Gerald Adams Elementary School Perform on Steel Drums

PHiP, Inc. Annual Meeting
Pier B Hilton Resort
Presentation of The Golden Coconut Award to the Most Deserving ParrotHead Club

12 Noon
Silent Auction Winners Announced
Pier B Hilton Resort

12:15PM - 1:15PM
Live Auction
Pier B Hilton Resort

2PM - 7PM
Street Fest @ 200 Block of Duval Street
Stage One
Musical Guests:
St. Somewhere
Caribbean Cowboys
Mango Mango

"I Think I Will Join The Parade"
Conga Line to Stage Two
Featuring the Sports Magic Team

8PM - 11PM
Street Fest Finale
Sponsored by The Florida Keys, Margaritaville and PHiP, Inc.
500 Block of Duval Street
Musical Guests:
Iko Iko
Greg "Fingers" Taylor

Raffle Winners will be announced during the Band Break around 9:30PM. You MUST be present to win!!!

8PM - Midnight
19th Annual Goombay Festival
Bahama Village
Reggae Band TBA

Midnight Madness
You know the deal by now

Sunday October 24th

The Great Parrothead Shape-Up
Hosted by The ParrotHeads of Central FL
ParrotHead Phun & Phitness Olympics
Location TBA

1PM Until……
"No Plane On Sunday" ParrotHead Party
Sponsored by Schooner's Wharf
Musical Guests TBA

Time To Go Home Norman!

"We're staying in a Holiday Inn full of coneheads I guess they meet there once a year. They consume mass quantities of fiberglass and get drunk on cheap-ass beer"

Meeting of the Minds Entertainment Schedule

500 Duval Street
Jonathan Birchfield

Hog's Breath Saloon
Duval & Front Streets
St. Somewhere
Wednesday Through Saturday @ 5:30PM
Mango Mango

Sloppy Joe's
Green & Duval Streets
Sunny Jim White
Wednesday 12 Noon - 4PM
Wednesday Through Sunday @ 10PM

Rick's Upstairs
202-208 Duval Street
The Caribbean Cowboys

Blue Heaven
729 Thomas Street
Sunny Jim White
Sunday 3PM - 6PM

Ocean Key Pier House
Zero Duval Street
Sunny Jim
Friday 12 Noon - 4PM
Saturday 1PM - 5PM
Living Soul & The Pearl Divers
Wed., Thu. & Sat., 5PM - 9PM
Friday 12 Noon - 4PM
Hyatt Pool Bar
601 Front Street
Sunny Jim
Saturday 5:30 - 8:30

Pier House
1 Duval Street
Koko Loco
Friday 8PM - Midnight
Scott Kirby

Schooner's Wharf
202 Williams Street
Jim Morris & The Big Bamboo Band
Sunday 2PM - Whenever

The Conch Republic Seafood Company
631 Green Street
Jim Morris & The Big Bamboo Band
Thursday & Friday 9PM - 1AM
Koko Loco
Saturday 9PM - 1am

Sebago Catamarans of Key West
328 Simonton Street
Day Sail & Snorkel for $22 Per Person
Champagne Sunset Cruise for $16 PP
Call Jamie to make your reservations

19th Annual Goombay Festival
801 Emma Street
Friday & Saturday 8PM - Midnight
Bands TBA

"Duval Street was rockin"

Message From Nancy Youngblood
PHiP's 1999 Meeting Of The Minds Registration Chairman

This year, as ParrotHeads exit the elevator of the Hilton, they will see a new face before they enter the ballroom. His name is Glenn See and he is my "Checkpoint Charlie" person. He will be there during registration hours to screen gate-crashers, slackers and no-goodnicks who think they can get in and party like it's 1999. Glenn is the reason people need to bring a copy of their Registration Confirmation Letter so he can verify their status. Without this letter, odds are they will not proceed through the doors. If you arrive in Key West without it, the only way you can get in is with a cancelled check or credit card statement proving you were registered before September 30th, 1999. A photo ID does not show proof of registration and is unacceptable. Bottom line, if they do not have the proper document they will not be allowed into registration and therefore cannot attend private PHiP functions. Registration officially closes September 30th, or when 3000 ParrotHeads have registered, whichever comes first. But to guaran-tee you'll get your tee shirt size and registration card, you must register by September 15th. I encourage all ParrotHeads to enjoy the 1999 MOTM and hope this extra step in the registration process is painless. Together we can make this a great MOTM for 1999.

Jimmy Look-A-Like Contest

Do you look like the Tropical Troubadour? Young Jimmy, older Jimmy? mustache, no mustache? Hair, no hair? Margaritaville will be sponsoring a Jimmy Buffett look-a-like contest at the 1999 MOTM, Friday, Ocrober 22nd. It's open to the 1st 75 Jimmy wannabes who register at the Hilton Resort's (Convention Headquarters) Pier B at 2:30PM at the ParrotHead Private Pier Sunset Celebration. The winner will be announced during one of the band breaks, approximately 4:30.

MOTM 2000

The dates and site for the 2000 Meeting of the Minds are set. The Marriott's Casa Marina Resort in Key West will be our host hotel. The Casa marina will be able to provide us with the space to conduct virtually the entire convention within a secured area. It will be our own little ParrotHead world for four days in November (2nd - 5th). There were no available dates to move the convention back to New Orleans. A Meeting of the Minds Site Selection Committee is being formed to research future MOTM locales. If you are interested in volunteering for this committee, please contact Pixie Messina at 318-448-4452 or e-mail her at

"On the corner of Government and Bay Avenue the ol' doomsday
fanatic wore a crown of kudzu"


Club Trini's live CD is due in stores in March of 2000. The tentative title is Late Night Menu.

Subscribe to a year's worth of Rolling Stone Magazine and get a poster of the vintage Rolling Stone cover with Jimmy's smilin' face from 1976.

Jimmy's live CD is currently in production and should be released later in the Fall.

Jerry Jeff Walker will be playing the Neighborhood Theater on Davidson Blvd. in Charlotte on September 24th and 25th. Tickets are $40.

Jimmy's Winter Tour Dates are in:

November 30th Tampa
December 2nd Orlando
December 4th New Orleans
December 7th Houston
December 9th West Palm Beach
December 11th West Palm Beach

Quote of the Month
by Chris Johnson, Knight-Ridder

"You may have heard that Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. Wrong! What would be the point of that? There were no records. He wouldn't have anything worthwhile to play on it until 1974 when Jimmy Buffett released his A1A album."

Knight's Castle Workouts

The SPHC had 3 successful evenings recently working concession and beer stands at Knight's Castle, the home stadium for the Charlotte Knights, the AAA baseball team for the Chicago White Sox. From pizza to macho nachos to beer and pretzels, we sold it all. And in the process raised over $1,100.00. A great big thanks to all that volunteered their time and efforts to make this fund raiser a reality. You know who you are.

Next Monthly Phlocking

The next monthly phlocking for the SPHC will be at O'Charley's Restaurant across from the Rock Hill Galleria Mall. The business meeting will convene at 6PM with regular phlocking starting at 7PM. Anyone interested in sitting in on the business meeting and sharing their views on the ParrotHead world is invited to do so. Worthington Station has graciously offered to play for us that evening, so come on out for some good phellowship.

By the time you read this, the SPHC will have cut a check for $500 to the Save The Manatee Club for a lifetime membership to adopt a manatee.

"I never used to miss the chance to climb upon his knee and listen to the many tales of life upon the sea"

A Sailor's Life
by Peets Buffett

Oyster shells crunched under the tires as we parked. An orange neon sign on the roof flashed "PELHAM'S," the name of our favorite riverside café. The year was 1941, a few months before Pearl harbor. J.D. (Buffett) and I had been dating since August and I was to meet his Dad for the first time. Captain Buffett was skipper of the Delmundo, a cargo ship sailing between New Orleans and South America for the Mississippi Shipping Company. All the months he was at sea, his family often talked about "when Daddy gets home." I had come to realize that although they looked forward to his return from each voyage, when the Captain came ashore Catherine didn't date and J.D. was in early each evening. Billy came straight home from school, and Patsy and her husband Roy were at his beck & call from their house next door. Life did not clearly go as usual. Squabbles were kept to a minimum, every meal was Sunday dinner, and everybody adhered to Mom's, "Remember, we don't want to upset Daddy while he's here." As an independent 19 year old, I was working as a secretary at Ingalls Shipyard and living in Gulfport, MS. The prospect of spending an entire evening with the demanding Captain was not exactly my idea of a fun date. But J.D. was a new beau who seemed to be getting "serious." Besides, we planned to sneak off after dinner and go for a moonlight sail. I didn't know what to expect as J.D. led me across the narrow, plank walkway and opened the door to the sagging screened porch which was the dining area. A breeze whistled through the screens and the rising tide lapped at the barnacled piling below. In the distance a foghorn croaked warnings to the river traffic. J.D.'s mother, his sisters, his kid brother and his brother-in-law surrounded the Captain at a large round table in the middle of the room. Platters of pink steaming shrimp and russet-colored crabs were at the center, and frosty mugs of beer marked each place. Above the river noises and the chatter of the other diners, we could hear the resonant voice of the Captain, "…so I made sure everything was ship-shape and Bristol fashion before I let any of the crew leave the ship." He glanced up at J.D. as we reached the table, "You're late son." I blushed and looked the other way because, as usual, I had not been ready when J.D. came to pick me up. J.D. just nodded and said, "Daddy, I want you to meet my girl, Peets." Captain Buffett stood, sized me up in a moment, extended a firm handshake and said, "Sit down young lady, and have a beer." Help yourself to some of this seafood too. It's mighty damn good." I took the cane-back chair next to J.D., facing his father. I straightened my collar and fidgeted with a hangnail on my thumb, trying to escape his gaze. "Peets?" he questioned. "What kind of a name is that for a girl?" I laughed at his chauvinism, not yet having had my feminist consciousness raised, and reached for a hot shrimp before I answered. "For one thing, it's my last name. And it's Welsh. I do have another name, Lorraine, but nearly everybody calls me Peets. 'Specially my friends." "That's what I'll call you then." He paused for a moment. "My family came from Wales too." Captain Buffett looked exactly like a weathered seafarer, except that he was shorter than I'd expected. About my height. His face was tanned and deeply lined, his dark crew-cut had hints of gray at the temple, and under his crisp, white Arrow shirt there was a suggestion of a potbelly. But he had the most remarkable eyes. Gray-blue and crystal clear, they seemed to twinkle even when his expression was serious. We settled back at the table, refilling glasses while the Captain resumed the conversation with another episode from his youthful sailing days. A hopeless romantic, I soon found myself enchanted with this adventurer and the tales he was spinning. My initial apprehension about this meeting was soon allayed by his charms, but there was no way of knowing that we would develop a mutual admiration which would endure until the end of his life. On that pleasant Indian summer evening, I found Captain Buffett unlike anyone I'd ever met before and hoped I would get a chance to know him better. Even then, I was curious about what quirk of fate had brought the sailor from the Maritime Provinces all the way to Mississippi, to meet a girl, marry her, and raise a family. J.D. told me about young Jimmie Buffett leaving Nova Scotia at the tender age of 16 to become a cabin boy on a whaling ship, so he could search for his older brother John, who had been reported shipwrecked. But how had he ended up in a small port town on the Gulf of Mexico, at Mrs. Seymour's boarding house beside the Singing River in Pascagoula? I didn't learn the answer at that dinner, but in time I uncovered much of the story. Hilda Seymour, the eldest of seven children, was a dark-haired beauty of 17 in 1916 when Jimmie Buffett first walked into her mother's boarding house seeking lodging. Mrs. Seymour's rooms were clean, cheap and convenient, a favorite stopover for crews from the sailing ships that moored off of Horn Island, about 12 miles out in the Gulf, while loading and unloading lumber. On his initial stay he made a lasting impression on the pretty teenager. His occasional contributions to supper-time discussions were always about strange people and far-off places. In the months that followed, he returned briefly several times, but nothing more than a polite hello was exchanged between them. Finally, when Hilda was cleaning his room one day, she dared take the initiative. Into a book he was reading, she inserted a note as a bookmark: "Why don't you talk a little more? You always sound so good." Thus she made the move that began a love affair lasting through 51 years of marriage. The early stages went slowly. Mom swears that she never had another boyfriend after meeting Pop, but for a while he continued to have a girl in every port, like seafarers the world over. His stays at the boarding house were brief, and the intervals between visits were often as long as 5 or 6 months. It was 2 years before the couple eloped to Gulfport, MS, on August 12, 1918, to be married by a Justice of the Peace. Says Hilda of their relationship, "Mostly we'd go walking on the beach after supper at night. Didn't have a car then, and there wasn't a lot to do in Pascagoula in those days." When they broke the news to her family, Jimmie moved in permanently with his bride. "Of course," she recalls, "he had to leave for a couple of days, but I knew he'd be back." Come back he did, and leave again, and again, during the years that Hilda stayed in Pascagoula bearing and raising children, and helping her mother with the boarders. James D. Jr. (my J.D.) was born in 1919, Patsy in 1921, and Catherine in 1923. Because he was away at sea for longer periods than he spent at home, Hilda continued staying at her mother's. When Billy was born in 1926, the family had completely outgrown their cramped quarters. Hilda rented a house on the beach with room for everyone, and took her mother with them when they moved. In fact, Granny Seymour stayed there for several years, helping with the children and the cooking. She also took over the household when Hilda accompanied the Captain on ships plying the timber trade to the Caribbean. One such trip was aboard the Monfalcone, a 372 foot vessel with 90,000 square yards of sail which had been built at the old International Shipyard in Pascagoula. Captain Jimmie was her 1st master, making the maiden voyage to Cuba in November, 1920, accompanied by Hilda and their 1st born J.D. The Captain later recalled it as the most eventful he ever experienced aboard the vessel. He took the ship from Pascagoula to New Orleans where, at the St. Andrews Dock, she was loaded with 3 million feet of lumber to be delivered to Havana. En-route they encountered a fierce hurricane in the Gulf which they rode out in good shape, but which delayed the arrival. Upon reaching their destination, the master learned that the consignee was unable to pay for the cargo, in fact, skipped town. It was necessary to remain moored for several days while he worked out a deal to unload the lumber and collect the funds for the same before he could return to the States and pay the crew. On the afternoon of November 25th, while they were still awaiting funds, the cook baked a special cake and Hilda dressed their toddler in a brand new white sailor suit with blue braid around the collar and a star on each corner. Suddenly, while crawling around the open deck, J.D. pulled himself up and took his first steps. It was an auspicious moment for the young couple, so the Captain immediately hoisted all the vessel's flags to mark the occasion. Ships around them began to signal, trying to find out why the flags were flying. When the Monfalcone responded, each skipper followed suit until all the flags on all the ships in Havana harbor were flying in celebration of J.D.'s first birthday. This oft-repeated story made Havana very special to the Buffett family. Since Old Havana had been a frequent port of call for the skipper, he entertained his children and grandchildren for many years with stories of adventures there. Cuba came to have a magnetic appeal for all Buffett's. A place about which the elders reminisced and which the young longed to see. Billy, who served in the Navy in WWII, and then followed his father into the merchant marine afterwards, was the first to make the pilgrimage. By chance, in 1948, Billy found himself in Havana for 3 months while his ship awaited major repairs. He used the time reliving his Dad's days there, exploring bars, restaurants and who knows what else from the Captain's past. When he returned, he promptly reported to his father all the vital information he'd picked: what was happening at Sloppy Joe's, where the best fried plantains, black beans or Cuba Libras could be bought, and where to find the prettiest dancing girls in town. Years later in 1966, after Castro had assumed control, J.D. rode the USS Arlington on a shakedown cruise from Mobile to Guantanamo Bay. The most he got to see while there was a view across barbed wire atop the wall protecting the old Naval Base. What a contrast from his first visit in 1920 when all the flags were flying on his first birthday. As for the Captain's grandson and namesake, Jimmy Buffett, he realized his ultimate dream in 1983 when he was invited to sail with Ernest Hemingway's son Jack and granddaughter Margeaux, aboard the venerable old sloop, the Western Union, retracing the writer's travels from Key West to Havana. While there, at Hemingway's favorite bar, Jimmy picked up a guitar and sang about his grandfather, fulfilling his fondest fantasy.

This article, written by Jimmy's mother Peets Buffett, is from A Sailor's Life, an incomplete book that was to be published in 1987.

"…and then he ate my sunglasses to show me he was a bad-ass and I was really pissed-off 'cause I had just stolen them from Eckerd's and there was an $8 price tag on the son-of-a-bitches"

"God's Own Drunk" Original Lyrics
Transcribed by Earl Rivers from the album
"Buckley's Best", World Pacific Records

Just like I say before, I'm a non-drinkin' man. Never drank for some reason or another. Didn't like it. But like I said, too, I promised to take care of my brother-in-law's still while he went in to vote. Went up there and it was just where the map said it was. And I'm a gonna tell you something - it was no little old five or ten cent still. It was laid there just like a golden mountain opal, with a kind of a honey dew cry comin' from it. I ain't a drinkin' man, like I 'splained to you, but that big ol' yellow moon was a hangin' up there, and God's lanterns was a hangin' in the sky, and that curiosity got the best of me, and I took a slash. And I got a crazy, revolutionary feelin' in my body. That yellow whiskey went down my throat like honey dew vine water. Hmmph. It tasted mighty good! I felt a revolution goin' through my body. Like there was great neon signs a goin' up an' sayin', "There's a great life a comin!" Feelin' it talkin' to me and I took another slash, and I got another jolt and I took another slash, and I started to sing. And that big ol' yellow moon a hangin' out there and God's sweet lanterns a hangin' in the sky, and I's a singin'. Never could sing a note before in my life, but I's a singin' as fine and a s pretty as you'd ever want to hear. And I took another slash. And then I took a big full. And suddenly I got a tremendous revolution of emotion in my body like I was fallin' in love with everything in God's sweet world that moved, lived didn't live, animate, inanimate, black, blue, green, pink, mountains, fountains. I was in love with life, 'cause I was drunk! I wasn't fallin' down, slippin'-slidin' drunk. I was God's own drunk! A fearless man! And that's when I first saw the bear. Big ol' Kodiak-lookin' fella about 16 foot tall. I walked right on up to that bear, 'cause I was God's own drunk and I loved everything in this world. Walked right up tight to him about 4 ½ feet and I looked right up in his eyes and I want to tell you somethin' brothers & sister, my eyes was redder than his was. Hung him up. And he's a sniffin' and a sniffin'. He's tryin' to smell some fear. He can't do it, 'cause I'm God's own drunk and I'm a fearless man. He expected me to do two things, flip or fly. I don't do either. Hangs him up. I told him, I said, "Mr. Bear, I'm God's own drunk and I love every hair on your 27 acre body. I'm a fearless man!" I said, "I want you to go. I know you got bear friends over the hill there. Harry Bear, Tim Bear, Jelly Bear, and Tony Bear. Teddy Bear, Field Bear, Hazel Bear, John Bear, Pete Bear and Rare Bear! Go over and tell al of them that I'm God's own drunk tonight and I love everything in God's green creation. I love them like brothers but if they give me any trouble I'm gonna run every god-damned one of 'em off the hill!" I moved up. Don't you know he moved back 2 feet. I reached up and took the bear by the hand. I said, "Mr. Bear, we're both beasts when it comes right down to it." He's a lookin' down at me. I said, "I want you to be my buddy. Buddy Bear." Took him right by his big ol' shaggy man-island sized hand, led him over to the still. Well, he's a sniffin and a sniffin'. He knows there honey dew around there. Some kind of honey bear honey dew of some kind. I took a slash or two myself to taste 'er out and I filled him a bottle. Did you ever see them bears, the silhouette of them bears at the circus, suckin' up that sasparrilla? Ah, it's a fine lookin' sight. And he downed another bottle. And he downed another bottle. And I put two more in himand pretty soon he started to sniff and snort. Tapped his foot. And he got up and started to do the bear dance. Two sniffs, three snorts, a half turn and one grunt. And I'm tryin' to do it, but I couldn't do it 'cause it was just like a jitterbug dance, it was so simple it evaded me. But we was a dancin' and yellin'. And God's sweet moon a hangin' in the sky. And God's sweet lanterns out there. And there's jubilation and love on that hill. And finally my love, it up and got so strong it overwhelmed my soul, and I laid back in the sweet green hill with that big ol' Buddy Bear's paw right in mine and I went to sleep. And I slept for four hours and dreamt me some tremulous dreams. And when I woke up that ol' yellow moon was a hangin' in the sky, and God's sweet lanterns is out there and my Buddy the bear was a missin'. And you know somethin' else brothers and sisters? So was the still!

This transcription was reprinted here without the permission of the lawyers or the asshole!
For an explanation of the peculiarity of this disclaimer, ask Bill Sims next time ya see him.

"You've got fins to the left, fins to the right and you're the only kid in town"

The Story of Dillan
from the Margaritaville Web Site

A grand slam homerun drives the Cleveland Indians ahead of the New York Yankees during an early fall game in the 1998 American League playoffs. The fans erupted on the free-standing bleachers, but four year old Dillan Williams' celebration was short-lived. The little baseball fan slipped through the stands and fell 20 feet, striking his head on the pavement below. The life-threatening fall landed Dillan in the hospital, where doctors told his mother, Bonnie, their less than optimistic diagnosis. Dillan was in a coma, not even responding to painful stimuli. His family was encouraged to talk to him during his stay in the Intensive Care Unit, play music and remind him of good times. A trip to a Jimmy Buffett concert earlier in the year had turned little Dillan into a future ParrotHead, so his grandparents hoped he would enjoy a Buffett tape. The live recording of Fins from Buffett's Feeding Frenzy CD is a rousing rendition of the "she-came-down-from-Cincinnati" classic. Dillan began reacting to the music, and was soon singing along with the song. Excited nurses called the doctor shouting, "Dillan's come to and he's singing Jimmy Buffett!" After two days, Dillan was back. After several more days in the hospital, he was able to go home to be with his brothers, Dallas and David. His mother and grandparents had been through hell and back. You don't have to be a parent to understand the heartache of a critically injured son or to sympathize with the threatened loss of a loved one. Bonnie wanted to share her good fortune with Buffett fans and let them know the effect his music had on her little boy. So she posted his story on the newsgroup. The message was spotted by Mike Ramos, Jimmy's personal assistant, and a meeting was arranged. It was hard to tell who was having more fun. Jimmy's a parent and sharing a few moments backstage in Columbus, OH recently with this impressionable young boy could strike the parental chords in anyone. Dillan asked Jimmy if he could "do the Fins song" and Jimmy told him he could come up on stage if he wasn't afraid. Dillan replied, "I'm not even afraid of sharks!" A year in the life has not been real pleasant for Dillan, but the five year old is fully recovered and spending time in Florida with his grandparents.

Ah yes…another heart-warming tale of the effects of the music from the Tropical Troubadour. The staff of the Sandlapper Parrothead Telegraph would like to invite you to share your stories with our readers. If you have a Story You Could Tell, send it to us and we'll select a few to publish in up-coming issues of the SPHT.

Buffett Quotes

"The records are my avenue to go out and do the things I really like, which are ballads, and to sing things that might not necessarily get the crowd in an uproar at the show. The magic that goes on in the studio is still the most gratifying part."

"The fact that I've been able to negotiate this with the help of a loyal fan base, to be 52 and not be a dinosaur, is a treat. The attrition rate in this business is, to say the least, heavy. I've never been able to dissect my music or why people come to the shows. I'm just glad they do."

"If I chose a song list of Jimmy Buffett material that I'd like to do in a show, they would probably start throwing tomatoes by the third song. It would certainly tend to be more of the reflective stuff that I've done and that I like personally."

"I have a plan. Something tells me there's a in it."
On what his plans are now that he is a free-agent in the music bidness

Calendar of Phlockings

Sept. 11th Phlock with the Pleasure Island Parrotheads of Wilmington, NC, 7PM at Curley's Restaurant, Rock Hill. Worthington Station Performing
Sept. 14th SPHC's Monthly Phlocking, 7PM, O'Charley's Restaurant, Rock Hill, Worthington Station Performing
Sept. 24th Two Can Sam Band at the Tropical Escape Café, Rock Hill
Oct. 12th SPHC's Monthly Phlocking, TBA
Oct. 21st 1999 Meeting of the Minds (MOTM) ParrotHead Convention Key West
Oct. 30th SPHC's Halloween Party at Bob & Sherry's, Details TBA
Nov. 6th Buffett Plays Le Select on the Caribbean Island of St. Bart's
Nov. 9th SPHC's Monthly Phlocking, TBA
Dec. 4th SPHC's Christmas Party, TBA
Dec. 31st Buffett Plays the Universal Amphitheater in LA

The Surgeon General has determined that joining the Sandlapper ParrotHead Club can be hazardous to your lifestyle. All we do is have phun, do charitable work in the community, have phun, keep a responsible eye on the environment and have phun. Did I mention we have phun? To join the phunnest club in the area, contact one of the Membership Directors.